Brigantine City Council Muzzles Dog Park

Brigantine Beach Dog ParkBrigantine City Council muzzled our dog park by voting to shut it down this past Saturday morning. At a special Council meeting scheduled to attract more summer visitors to “see how Brigantine politics work”, the council majority announced this fast and jarring action right at the start of our summer season.

Brigantine Council closed the Natasha & Nikita Weiss Dog Park at 42nd st., within one hour of voting, without an alternative space for letting Fido run free on the Island.

Whether it was the sound of playing dogs or the potential for odor, this so-called temporary puppy park of 5 years was quickly padlocked without a suitable back-up ready to go.

Confused residents howled with anger at this quick action, especially after many recently paid their annual fee of $35. We imagine that the park’s namesake; Weiis, may not be amused at how their $20,000 financial input for this much needed city service has been mis-managed.

The city is currently considering moving the dog park to some open space next to Brigantine Beach Community Center. We’ll find out more, when city council meets on July 17.

What do you think? Good or bad move by Brigantine City Council? Place your comments below. We know that City Council reads this site often. It’s where they can take an un-filtered pulse of Brigantine.

Here’s a sample of a resident comments after hearing of the dog park shut down:

I brought my house specifically near the dog park. I can hear the tennis balls going very early in morning. Are they going to start complaining about that noise soon? Or maybe the mini golf playing their music too loud? No one knows who complained, but they closed it within the hour after the meeting. I want to know whose pockets were lined. Money talks, that’s all I’m saying. Really, it’s a f’en dog park. There are more important issues than a dog park that may offend one or two residents. Can’t make everyone happy. People make me sick. Guess where I will be walking my dog there three times a day? Right past their houses. Enjoy the dogs around your home now.

  • Michael M. — Disappointed… very disappointed. Most dog owners who bring their pets to the park are going to be responsible and clean up after their dog. Most dog owners who bring their pets to the park also ensure that all dogs there are safe and minimize potential ‘doggy disagreements’. The park as been there for 5 years, and now someone is changing the rules?
  • Robert V. — That is insane. Dog parks ‘noisy’ or ‘smelly’? Huh? I would dig deeper to see what happens to it. New Jersey is very corrupt so there is no telling what could be up. New Jersey is run by bullies. My parents have a house in Brigantine and Medford, and the same type of nonsense goes on in Medford. These over the top dramatics and acting before anyone has a chance to discuss is what gets me the most. Dog parks are so benign…and bring happiness to so many.
  • Grace K. — There IS an effort to resolve this situation as soon as possible. A meeting is scheduled for today at 1 PM and we hope there will be constructive suggestions for a new, permanent location for the park that will not offend residents.


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17 thoughts on “Brigantine City Council Muzzles Dog Park”

  1. People donated lots of money for that dog park. The city needs make another area dog park. Maybe not behind peoples homes. So this way noone is affected. …again. We have so much beach area, section an area off & make a park. Or maybe change the hours of the dog park where it wont affect the people. Amazing the town closes a dog park down in 1hr. Such a disgrace. Why are we still waiting since Hurricane Sandy to have memorial benches replaced on seawall? City was compensated by FEMA and people brought this up at several council meetings and it would be taken care of…..and of course, STILL WAITING. It seems the city is Not being fair all the way around.

  2. Nanci Fitzpatrick

    The annual fee for the dog park is $35. When the dog park was built, the property owners surrounding the park were told it was a temporary spot. City Council had over 5 years to find another site but did nothing. Over 30 years as a resident, and always voting, I have never seen the City work so fast – closing the dog park within one hour of the vote!

  3. Barbara mathues

    As the home owner whose house is shown in the 2nd picture, we do not want the park in our back yard. No open windows all summer due to noise & super early dogs. Find some place AWAY from houses. Otherwise, volunteer your own. See how you like it.

  4. Until you are one of the “one or two residents” who live by the dog park you shouldn’t speculate about the impact the park has had on us. Our house is directly behind the area where the chairs are located in the park with our bedrooms closest to the park. As written in the by-laws for the park, it is supposed to open at 8:00am but often by 6:30am we can hear dogs barking. Nothing like waking up to two or more dogs fighting and their owners yelling for them to stop – scares the daylight out of you! And then the barking/yelling gets our neighbor’s dogs barking! Not a good way to start the day. Because of the potential for early morning barking and yelling we are forced to run our air conditioner at all times and can’t open our windows. We have put up with this for five years! How fair is that to us? We pay the same taxes as everyone else and can’t enjoy our property. There are numerous places on the island to put a dog park that won’t impact any homeowners. Thank you to whoever finally got the dog park closed – we, the neighbors, will sleep better now!

  5. From reading the story and the comments from “backyard residence” I’m left with these conclusions:

    A dog park was placed behind houses 5 years ago on 42nd St.
    By-laws regarding the dog park exist and the nearby residence Okay’d them.
    Residents can pay $35 for use of the dog park.
    Nearby residence have complained about the noise and smell from the dark park, especially noise early in the morning, before 8am.
    The dog park has hours 8am to 8pm.
    Access is gained to the park after-hours.
    Did I miss anything?

    Logical questions:

    Did the nearby neighbors expect non barking dogs?
    Did the nearby neighbors expect non pooping dogs?
    How many users have paid to use the park?
    How are paid users and non paid users managed? (Let in and kept out?)
    How can access be gained during off hours? Is the facility locked? Wouldn’t opening and closing the facility solve the early morning noise problem?
    Is there a plan for another park somewhere else on the island?

    I imagine pissed off dogs owners will now strut their furry friends in and around the nearby houses in response. I read somewhere else that a protest dog walk is being scheduled on Sat. Serious business for sure.

  6. One more question…
    What type of trash receptacles are used for the doggie poo-poo and most importantly HOW OFTEN ARE THEY EMPTIED?
    Sounds like the dog park was shut down because it was MIS-MANAGED…anyone seeing a pattern?

  7. Gail Winterbottom

    As a dog owner and resident of Brigantine for 13 years, I hate to see a dog UNFRIENDLY move at this time or any time. It is the beginning of the summer season. At this time in our recovery, more and more hotels are attracting new guests with a pet-friendly policy. This move is just plain bad for Brigantine business and bad for the many dog owners in Brigantine. Just saying!

  8. My name is Sandy Weiss. Yes, the one of the Weisses, who has loved Brigantine so much and was the so very proud owner (parent) of Natasha and beloved Nikki. That love of the two just seemed to go together.

    This heartfelt gift to the city of Brigantine was so much more than just another park. It was the coming together of a dog lover’s dream for the city and dog lover’s willingness to help make that dream a reality and at the same time knowing that their beautiful “girls” would live on in the hearts of those who saw their own beloved dogs be able to romp and play in safety.

    This park is truly a gift of love, and that can’t be forgotten or dismissed. I am committed to do whatever it takes to keep this dream alive for all of us. In memory of my precious Natasha and my beloved, exceptional, Nikki who I lost so sadly 2 yrs ago. They are my heart!

    Sandy Weiss

    1. Additional comment from Sandy W.

      I have not yet read the other posted comments but I absolutely will so I can consider both issues leading to this decision. I spoke earlier from the emotional standpoint avoiding the logistics of the city council/political stand.
      This financial gift was specifically intended for the Brigantine Dog Park. It was never meant as a generalized gift to the city to be designated or earmarked where it was to be used at a later time. City of Brigantine Dog Park ; only!
      Now it has been decided that the dog park had to be closed…well what about that $20,000 gift? Does that just get written off as a financial oops? Or is it to be realocated to another area of the city’s budget? I don’t think I would agree. It was not meant to fill-in the blanks.
      So what now?

  9. open the rod and reel back up its more important to have a place for humans to play, dogs don’t care . a tourist will generate more cash flow than a dog ever will, and yes i love my dog!

  10. It seems to me there should be an area away from homes, where the park can exist without infringing on the tranquility of neighbors. But locating the dog park near ball fields is not a good option either, as it seems the potential for accidental over excitement of untethered kids and dogs on long leashes could be a toxic mix .Why take the chance?

  11. That so called small piece of land is located next to peoples homes and where the kids practice baseball & football.

    This is the same situation as the current closed dog park just on the opposite side of the road. There is NO common courtesy either and in case you didn’t read what the former neighbors of the current closed down dog park said, there was always poop that wasn’t scooped!

    People were also loud and rude at ALL HOURS. We really need to think about a solution and fast that makes everyone happy, not just the seniors, There are plenty of full time families here year round also that need to be considered.

    How about a small run of beach like Ocean city has down by Longport?…. and there has to be stocked containers for poop. Come on people let hear some ideas!

  12. I realize this is an extremely controversial issue causing backlash in our small community.
    The dog park was accepted, funded, and established years ago. It has been one more special feature that our Brigantine offered. It was an indicator that we were “dog friendly” : ) and we welcomed those who shared that sentiment.
    I’m afraid that if too much time passes before an acceptable area is designated, that the issue will be negatively dismissed.
    We dog lovers I feel, will gladly give up our “refunds”.

  13. Amazing call Brigantine. This city continues to shock me. Make a year round dog beach, put some natural looking boarders in and have it be free. Sandy came in and took so much from the people of Brigantine, now it’s the City Councils turn I guess.

  14. How on earth you could put a dog park next to people’s homes is disturbing. Also, right next to the tennis courts is another “unwise” decision. I love dogs, but people have a right to have peace and quiet in their homes.

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