Brigantine City Hall Glitch Benefits Simpson Tax Liability?

Brigantine GOP Simpson Taxes
3 Sunset Court

The Brigantine City Hall glitch pertaining to a waterfront home that former City Manager / Public Safety Director Jim Barber discovered a few years back finally has some clarity.

Complaints of fraud, unjust enrichment, breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation were leveled at the (future) Councilman Andy Simpson in March 2011 over a home construction project located at 3 Sunset Court in Brigantine .

While three separate Brigantine City Hall departments missed this one, Title Insurance companies usually have 20/20 vision for stuff like this, as seen in the documents below.

The three departments that concurrently experienced the ‘glitch’ included the offices of Tax Assessor, Construction and Rental Inspections.

At a past council meeting, Former City Manager / Public Safety Director Jim Barber stated that this property was used or occupied without the required ‘C-O’ or Certificate of Occupancy. Fines of up to $2,000 per day were waived in this case.

Click Here to Download 3 Sunset Court Complaint Against Simpson  PDF

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17 thoughts on “Brigantine City Hall Glitch Benefits Simpson Tax Liability?”

    1. Radio Silence! Where is the beef? This is where the rubber meets the road. Facts are ugly. I wonder how many phone calls & letters went back n forth before a lawsuit was filed. This isn’t a sneak attack issue by Surety Title. Wow.

  1. Councilman Andy Simpson

    If anybody can bring me proof that I owe any taxes, I am ready, willing, and able to write the check on the spot. So stop lying.
    Andy Simpson

  2. Councilman Andy Simpson

    Tony Pullella was fined and had a mandatory closing of his restaurant. My opponent Frank Kern thought that it was so honorable that Councilman Pullella was stealing from his customers and the City of Brigantine that he went into the building business with him. Surely, that says something about his character.
    Andy Simpson

    1. Mr. Simpson, don’t you think it lowers you a bit that you won’t reply to this issue publicly, but you’ll indulge in a flame war in the comments section of an internet site? We, the public, were told we had to wait until the Candidate’s Forum to bring up these issues. If it burns so bad that you just couldn’t wait and had to argue about it here, why didn’t you make all these self-righteous accusations at the Council meeting?

      Hey, there’s a great new ad for Brigantine Now, kinda like the ones the GOP is running…

      “People you DON’T trust are reading and commenting on Brig NOW!”

  3. Why are you quoting my wife and deceiving the public?
    This was a quote taken out of a Philadelphia Inquirer Interview and article showcasing our personal home that I built for her at 524 West Shore Drive.
    Have you no shame? This is merely a smear campaign by my opponent because they have no record of accomplishments to stand on.

    1. the quote was an illustration of how the real andy simpson “manages to make things work out”
      like making brigantine city bill for land only real estate taxes, like getting thousands of dollars of fines and penalties waived, like making a title company pay your delinquent real estate taxes

    2. Congratulations! How long have you been waiting to use that old political chestnut? “Have you no shame?”

      Next it will be, “Ms. McClay, I know Phil Guenther, and you’re no Phil Guenther.”

      Or maybe, “Four score and seven years ago, we took over this town…”

      Or “Waive my fees and taxes or give me death!”

      Or, “I came, I saw, I got rich”

  4. Knobbs you make a great point. Mr. Simpson is the man to make it happen right here in Brigantine. Obviously, if you accuse him of being someone who can get what he needs done, he’s the perfect man for the job. Ever ask yourself why Mr. Pulella is not running again.

    1. But we’re talking about SIMPSON man. What are we talking about? SIMPSON? We’re talking about SIMPSON, man. [laughter from the media crowd] We’re talking about SIMPSON. We’re talking about SIMPSON. We ain’t talking about the game. [more laughter] We’re talking about SIMPSON, man.

    2. I see “Paul” is still avoiding the facts, can’t debate the issues, just blathers on about how swell his choice of candidates are. you can only conclude Paul is a clueless stooge… and, of course, as a self proclaimed lifelong democrat from Camden county, Cherry Hill and a McGreevey, Corzine, Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid stooge, he fits well with his local choice.

      But keep posting, Paul, cause the more you open your mouth, like sandi w. & f. masino, the more votes McClay & co get.

  5. Typically, the Title company assures some sort of Title Insurance in their completed title search of a given property, which is why they are liable for the payments.
    I would hope every politician can manage to work things out.

    1. At my first settlement the title agency made a mistake. They allowed me to walk from table with too much money. They made an error. They contacted me and explained the situation as I was the buyer and they had a miscalculation on one of the forms. I am talking before cell phones so I didn’t get called on my cell but a message at my home. I called the Title clerk back and said I would stop by the next day to go over the math again. We went over the numbers and I returned the overage that was given to me . In life I believe in karma, what comes around goes around. So I am just shocked that whatever the deal was with this deal, why did Surety Title need to file a lawsuit ? That is what concerns me with this case. Please explain that part of this story….why did the Title company file the case and why did it take such a long time to settle this oversight. I don’t think people question the councilmen’s ability to write a check but why the lawsuit? I’m sure that the Title clerk and company called him to tco but for some reason it took lawyers and a lawsuit.

  6. title companies are NOT responsible to find “glitches” or collusion (since the taxes increased on the date of settlement, coincidentally) within local taxing authorities. they rely on information supplied by those localities. i dont know the result of the suit but im sure if Brigantine made the “glitch” purposely then they would have been named in the suit also. simpson had to have known the taxes were unpaid at the time of settlement therefore bringing the charges of misrepresentation and fraud.
    its obvious that this was a calculated (no pun) attempt to pass the taxes on to the buyers or most likely the title company.
    what was the outcome? im curious to know how many of simpson’s supporters and those that will vote for him can write a check for $56,0000 without batting an eye?

  7. I googled “Title Company Responsibilities”
    “They have a sophisticated search and reporting system…” they apparently ARE responsible as they issue title to real property.
    At closing, the Title Company issues an insurance policy on the title. More than likely the suit was filed as a CYA tactic. It’s all history and speculation now
    Speculating on Simpson’s thought and motives and his ability to write a check, seems a stretch. We’re talking “speculation” c’mon man “speculation”!

  8. I googled the following:

    cause-and-effect: noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others

    disingenuous: lacking in frankness, candor, or sincerity; falsely or hypocritically ingenuous; insincere

    speculation: the contemplation or consideration of some subject or a conclusion or opinion reached by such contemplation

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