Brigantine City Manager Defends Lack of Transparency.

Brigantine’s City Manager & Public Works boss were both on the hot seat, Wed, Oct 20.

Why are they hiding public info from those who foot the bill for 75% of Brigantine expenses?

Watch how Brigantine leaders discuss reasons why 2nd homeowners can’t view City Council meetings on YouTube.

Brigantine 2nd home owners make up 75% of the city tax base. They pay most of the city’s bills. So why not let them watch city meetings on Youtube? Why not let seasonal residents view all meeting ‘minutes’?

John Doring

Public Works Chief, John Doring, thinks putting Brigantine meetings online is too difficult.

City Public Works Chief, John Doring, updates the City website in his spare time. Doring gets called out for not sharing public meeting minutes since 2019.

Why public meeting minutes haven’t been updated in 2 years?

As usual, Brigantine Council likes to keep their actions on the down-low.

It’s a fact, Brigantine is the LEAST transparent municipality along the South Jersey shore. WATCH >

Your public tax dollars at work.

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24 thoughts on “Brigantine City Manager Defends Lack of Transparency.”

  1. You complain when thy spend! Yet it was explained that tech Davy cost money , takes time. Also it was explained where you can view it now. Which was a reasonable response!!!! Now if you really want to follow there progress ask for timeline , a date to which you can be updated on progress or lack of. This way you can track there is now a trail to go back on . Then you can go after the city manager. Until then give him a break!!! He is honest! He is forth coming he is available go to his office. Talk to him I have found he is accommodating . Only then can you say I think you can do a better job!!! Thank you ! Ed Toland

    1. Have another drink Ed! These guys are crooked and stupid. City manager retires as chief, pension secure and is “hired” as city manager. Put the fox in charge of the hen house. But, he is not smart like a fox. A bunch of corrupt cronies run (and ruin) the town, not at the expense of the 75%, but the ever dwindling 25% that aren’t “hooked up”. Poor schools, over paid, bloated government that have nothing but contempt for the naïve homeowners that make up the tax base.

      1. Well said John. I been saying that since 1998 when them other crooks were stealing this city blind. Man you talk about Clown Town.

  2. Doring and Bennett are firemen too
    They said they are so busy putting out fires they have no time to work this issue
    Wow they really have it hard

  3. Brigantine City Manager has nothing but excuses for everything
    The city’s infrastructure is falling apart and nothing is being done
    We need new people to be put in charge

  4. Public Works is a disgrace
    Workers are doing their side jobs and going home while on the clock
    The director does nothing about it
    This must stop

  5. Why are certain families on this island treated like royalty while the rest of us are treated like dirt
    I’m tired of these families getting whatever they want
    We deserve better than that

  6. Dennis Haney takes care of himself
    Has his property taxes reduced by a huge amount and then gets to hack down the dunes in front of his beachfront property to improve his view under the phony reason that the growth is invasive
    Life is good for Haney
    But when his third ward residents seek out his help for any issues they may have he disappears
    Life is good for Dennis Haney

    1. 1. What proof do you have that council member Haney’s property taxes were reduced “by a huge amount” after his election?

      2. Council member Haney and his neighbors followed the city’s approved process to reduce the height (to 6 feet) of the dune vegetation in front of their houses and paid for it themselves. In so doing, they were treated like any other ocean front owner in the city. What’s your beef?

  7. Dissension in the Republican ranks in Brigantine is going to bring on retirements of those in key positions
    A major upheaval is coming

  8. Why can’t the meetings be held via Zoom or another platform with invites (requiring passwords) going out to all persons owning property and paying taxes in Brigantine? There is no valid reason not to do this. The city of Philadelphia does this on a regular basis in order to hold police, city council and the mayor accountable.

    If it is a matter of expense and equipment, I am sure that some or all of the second home owners will be happy to pay for 75% or even all of those costs. I would happily contribute and even help set it up.

    As second homeowners, we could also hold our own meetings to discuss these issues.



  9. Public Works always gets a bad rap and I live in another state. I was Public Works, no one is ever happy, always pointing the finger. You want change, get involved, you think you can do better, try. Otherwise I’m hearing wah 😭 from a bunch of armchair quarterbacks! Brigantine is beautiful, their Public Works does an outstanding job and took some ideas home watching these guys! In part I think there’s jealousy for not having a Public Works job, clearly you all don’t have what it takes.

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