Brigantine City Manager: Police Contract Off Radar, Minor Typos.

Watch Video > Minor changes to indexing and fixing some typos. That’s what Brigantine City Manager Ed Stinson claims is the glitch keeping the latest Police Union agreement from being signed.

On Wed JAN 3, the Brigantine City Council meeting publicly revealed that the so-called Brigantine Police contract announced on Sept. 2, 2015 never really happened. This fact was uncovered when reporters for BrigantineNOW requested the alleged document using OPRA; the Open Public Records Act.

Brigantine City Manager Stinson also pointed a finger at his recent back surgery. Stinson claims recovery from the medical procedure took critical public union negotiations ‘off his radar’.

Public Union Contract in Brigantine Not Valid.

During the council meeting, Stinson noted that he foresees no substantial changes to agreement voted on by Council back in Sept 2015. The new contract should be signed, presumably over the next few days. Stinson will meet with the Brigantine Police Union (PBA) on Friday.

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine City Manager: Police Contract Off Radar, Minor Typos.”

  1. Dear Mr. Ed “the dog ate my homework” Stinson:
    Please be so kind and put this on your radar! The Brigantine Taxpayers collectively need back surgery; our backs are broke from carrying the wasteful fraudulent and abusive Brigantine Municipal Welfare for Brigantine city employees, most notably the police and fire contracts that you negotiate on our behalf.

    1. Concerned middle class taxpayer

      Well said, where is the accountability in this town?
      When there is a lucrative opportunity for the city to make some money on the golf course restaurant service bid they publish the RFP on FB and on web sites that very few or no Restaurant owner would be visiting especially during the busy Christmas week. Why not place a large ad in all the local papers so the Restaurant owners would truly see it?. Makes us believe many on Council and our new City manager really didn’t want a competitive process. What has this City manager done to reel in the spending, or show that he is here for all taxpayers in this city? Wasn’t this city manager a local civil engineer for many years and then just morphed into City manager because he is friends with the regime? Scary!

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