Brigantine City Manager Ready to Block June Vacation Rentals

Local Brigantine real estate agents pleading with City Council. PLEASE GET A PLAN.

Watch video from May 20. Brigantine Council has no re-opening plan. No clue how to safely bring Brigantine economy back to life.

With Memorial Day weekend only a few days away, Brigantine Deputy Mayor Sera and City Council says they still have no plans to safely re-open the local tourism industry.

At the May 20 Brigantine City Council meeting, discussion revolved around re-opening local business, especially the harmful, short-term rental ban.

Foolish and harmful decision making? Yes, says a group of concerned full-time residents who depend on visitors to the island.

Mayor Simpson is pandering to a few local voters. He could care less about 2nd homeowners.

Full-Time Resident

Brigantine economy in the tank as City Manager Bennett gets ready to block JUNE vacation rentals on AirBnB type sites.

Local Realtors are still prohibited to place renters inside local homes.


Keeping the short-term rental ban in Brigantine

The business lock-down is more devastating to Brigantine than the virus itself.

Atlantic County is open. Wildwood & Ocean City are open too. Why not Brigantine?

We’re losing renters to other towns. Brigantine may never get them back.

Brigantine rental ban will bankrupt many. Some will lose their Brigantine investment properties. A bank will soon end up owning them. Unethical Brigantine insiders would then swoop-in and acquire these distressed properties.

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18 thoughts on “Brigantine City Manager Ready to Block June Vacation Rentals”

  1. You clowns would be overqualified to captain the Titanic. You have such little regard for this town, that you’ll knowingly destroy it. Shame on you!

    1. Proud Brigantine Home Owner.

      Is anyone on Brigantine COUNCIL a second home owner? If not, there should be an even amount of second home and primary home owners on council.

      You’re making decisions in a vacuum. Without us, there’s no Brigantine.

      Probably 80% of tax revenue comes from second home owners.

      Be careful with your decision as it can severely impact your tax revenue.

      Get the plan in place and get us opened up by June 1 or you may have a major lawsuit on your hands and will have a class action lawsuit as well.

      There is plenty of financial resources from all of us as second home owners, we can bankrupt Brigantine, that’s not a threat, that’s reality.

  2. Ann p jenkins higdon

    Who thinks REALTORS are more important than health of families registered in BRIGANTINE SCHOOL SYSTEM (not BEACH)?

    BRIGANTINE HAS SURVIVED No Bridge, 2WWs, epidemics, hurricanes, politicians & potholes.

    CITY of BRIGANTINE: take care of everyone, not just a section of the economy. I wish everyone good luck & good health. From 1 Rusty Penny

    1. I don’t think realtors or people with second homes they rent out for income are more important than permanent residents of this island.

      We are NOT the only area with financial stress. this isn’t forever people.
      Thank you.

      P.S. Kudos to Ann

      1. the people who have second homes think they don’t have to listen to NJ rules!

        They bring kids over. no distancing. no mask on, parent bringing friends over!

        WTH, I don’t go to Philly to see family. Brigantine is not stressing how this viruse is! Common sense!!

  3. I think I’ll rent elsewhere. My family really likes Brigantine. I’ve thought of purchasing a home there, but with current leadership, I’m not so sure.

    Every other town is open. What is the scam that government OF Brigantine is trying to pull with it’s out of town PROPERTY OWNERS?

  4. Shameful. Remember this when it’s time to vote. These people can’t handle their own lives and we voted them into taking care of our island.

    Just remember Simpson and Sera trying to destroy what so many have built.

  5. So council has allowed the city manager to shut us down by executive order. Who elected him? Remember this in November.

  6. Local year round residents have no common sense. They don’t give a rip about anyone other them themselves. What a pathetic bunch.

    Without out-of-state homeowners, you’d be nothing. You can’t even elect responsible politicians. Taxes in brigantine are so ridiculous. Real estate values has been declining while all other towns improve and your homes rot on the market.

    1. Avalon, Stone Harbor, Cape May, Sea Isle City. Ocean City, Sea Girt, Bradley beach. Need more. Do some research.

  7. All the restaurants are starving for people to come in.

    Thinking everything’s good? well it’s not. We pay taxes and you do nothing! Remember, November is right around the corner. Nobody’s going to pick you.

  8. The Brigantine gov’t/council ONLY cares about the voting (permanent) residents.

    Council secures those votes (and keep their jobs) by protecting jobs of permanent residents. local police, fire, public works, schools etc.

    It doesn’t matter what the other 70%, tax paying NON VOTING 2nd /vacation homeowners want.

    Protection of jobs/votes is paramount. Can be repeatedly seen in the budget which gets passed securing high wages, benefits, pensions etc.

    It’s not about public service and fiscal responsibility. If so, there would be debate and action on school enrollment decline, outsourcing golf course review and evaluation, 3rd party (arms length) City financial audit, payroll review, analysis and comps to other municipalities of equal size and on, and on and on.

    Support and strengthen the Taxpayers Association and take a stand.

    Until that happens, business as usual for them. Mismanagement, higher taxes and lower home values for the rest.

  9. Comments section is a brigantine civil war. Stop watching the news and talk to regular people. You’ll get a new perspective.

  10. You are all crooks, short sighted, ignorant and will destroy Brigantine. You are the only beach town in NJ restricting vacation rentals.

    You are making this personal, without second home owners, there is no Brigantine.

    Take emotion out of decision making and open rentals on June 1.

  11. Where do time shares fall into this, I have a week in June at the Brigantine Beach club. Will we be able to go?

  12. All you renters come here and make money by renting every year! Now you’re being asked to stop for one season, and all of you complain about it!

    You could care less about the health of the community who resides here All year.

    Quit bitching and suck it up or go to another shore point!

  13. We were going to buy a retirement home. Not now, after seeing how crazy government and some locals are.

    Coming to Brigantine FOR 20 YEARS. Husband used to live on Bobby Jones Rd.

    Sorry Aunt Bea’s, St Georges, Laguna, Ernest & Sons. Such a shame. So many businesses have worked hard for years. Now going to lose this business.

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