Brigantine Police Chief Disrupts City Council Video On-Demand

Brigantine City Manager Ed Stinson & Brigantine Police Chief, Tim Reed were on the digital hot seat this week. Are they unwittingly part of a plan to keep 2nd homeowners in the dark about City Council decisions?

The Brigantine City Council meeting of SEPT 17, 2015 revealed that access for viewing the meetings on-demand…via the Internet… was blocked. Chief Reed & Manager Stinson say it’s a series of ‘glitches’. Upon further review, it looks like Reed did not tell the truth about a simple $20 payment he ‘forgot’ to make.

Chief Tim Reed decided not to save these LEGAL public documents. It’s unknown if those videos (legal public documents) are deleted for good, or if they can be brought back online. WATCH VIDEO >

Allegations leveled at Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson. They don’t want second home owners to see what’s up at the monthly council meetings?

The Brigantine Democrats led by Lisa McClay are also getting heat for letting Stinson & Reed blame chronic website issues on non-existent mechanical & technical glitches.

McClay; a school teacher, has yet to use her professional reading and writing skills to properly document the continued wrong-doings of Reed, Guenther, Simpson and Sweeney.

Critical issues like ‘The Links’ golf course give-away, public union contracts and faulty accounting systems. These topics never make it to the pages of The Brigantine Times. That’s why access to on-demand video of council meetings is so important.

These council videos are a perfect, accurate documentation of council meetings. Whereas those sparse and summarized meeting minutes OK’ed by City Council are not.

Video of recorded Brigantine City Council meetings are LEGAL PUBLIC DOCUMENTS, admissible in a court of law.

See Poorly Managed Meeting Minutes Here

City Manager Stinson admitted ignorance of Council meetings being broadcast & recorded via the Internet. ‘I didn’t know it was being done. I didn’t know the person who was doing it’, shared Stinson.

Police Chief / webmaster Reed mentioned it would cost ‘thousands’ of dollars to fix this chronic problem….of website glitches, botched recording of council meetings, and inability to archive council video for viewing at a later date. Chief Reed is not known for his accuracy on matters like these.


Police Chief/Webmaster Reed was wildly inaccurate in the digital assessment he provided to Council. Instead of “thousands” of dollars to fix the problem as Reed claimed, it would actually only cost about $20 per month to allow for ON DEMAND viewing of City Council meeting videos.

Taxpayers, especially part-time residents, would then be able to view these videos at their convenience…no matter where they live. Reed was also made aware by Ustream (web video company) that he could download copies of the already posted videos, and store them offline, or upload them to platforms like YouTube.

How Brigantine & Police Chief Reed disrupts access to public information.

Brigantine was getting the UStream video service free of charge. Ustream made money by placing advertisements into the video clips. You can learn more about the $20. on-demand video service that Brigantine could be using if Chief Reed & City Manager Stinson were serious about this issue……

Many on City Council claimed to not be aware that Police Lieutenant (now Chief) Reed was once actively managing a non-approved social media effort and business directory on the official city website. While a business directory is not a bad thing, it becomes problematic when a high ranking city official is picking winners & losers by either promoting certain businesses, or ignoring certain local businesses.

After 18 months, the BB-NJ business directory was finally taken down in 2014 after growing complaints from local business owners and the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce.

See other CHIEF REED Internet Problems Here>

BB-NJ Digital Security Audit > WATCH VIDEO:


Exec Session Notes >

New contract Golf Course, Moving toward non-profit .

Meeting minutes not posted for 2015. They seem to have been recently removed from the site

It typically takes 5-7 months for meeting minuted to be posted. In other SJ towns, it only takes an average of 30 days for minutes to be posted.


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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Police Chief Disrupts City Council Video On-Demand”

  1. It is really sickening to see how this town (Brigantine) is managed. The new contract for the police force is a prime example: bonuses for longevity – give me a break. Private industry would never accept that

  2. Yes, the corruption in the town continues to fill pockets of the “townies” at the cost of all Owners and residents that are not “connected”. I especially feel sad for the older and poorer residents. Our wealth does not depend on the “Corruption Crew” of thieves…but detest this ridiculous unwarranted PD Contract. Perhaps this group worked on the Iran Deal too. In any event, thanks for your incompetence &
    lack of integrity

  3. What ever happened to getting counsel for 2nd home owners and getting a voice. We are being robbed and taken advantage of yet expected to pay for all this corruption and excess. I am in Fl and can’t really do anything from here but isn’t there some one contact some state agency to look into this?

  4. I am so happy we sold our 2nd home in Brigantine the end of 2014, after 15 years. The town is severely mismanaged. We second homeowners were/are being raped.

    Those who can get out will\should do so. Either finding the rare buyer or strategic default will be used to achieve liberation from that virtually criminal enterprise going on in Brigantine.

    It’s a shame that a town that held si much promise, has squandered it after such a short period of promise. It will probabably return to being the sleepy second cousin of a shore town that it was prior to the late 1990s. The difference will be the vacant abandoned houses spurred by current 2nd homeowners fleeing the current violent molestations.

    Who is gonna pay for the excessive municipal contracts, and other wastes, then?

  5. And to add salt to the wound. We just got a $250.00 increase in our FEMA because this is not our primary residence. Primary’s only pay an additional $25.00. Not only are our “WONDERFUL” Mayor and the old boys club raping the secondary homeowners so are the insurance companies with Gov. Christie’s blessing.
    Really another $250.00????????? This expense should be shared across the board. Primary or secondary what does that matter. We all should pay the same. Wind and water do not “DISCRIMINATE”. It hits primary and secondary HOMES.. Where’s the logic, oh! I’m sorry there is none. Logic has been replaced with “GREED”

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