Brigantine City & PD / FD Union Stalemate

Is Brigantine done debating the benefits of consolidating the top positions at our Police, Fire & Beach Departments? Looks like it. Brigantine City Manager; Jennifer Blumenthal also wants to reduce costs & increase efficiency for city operations. The unions would like a raise for their new contract. These are the top issues affecting current negotiations between our city and the public unions.

According to a report in The Press of Atlantic City: combined salary costs for the Brigantine Police, Fire & Beach departments reached $8.8 million this year. I

About 60% of Brigantine’s municipal budget goes toward salary, insurance and employee pensions. 

“We’re really at a stalemate because we’re offering zero percent wage increases,” Blumenthal said. “That’s disagreeable to the labor union.”

Also reported in the Press of Atlantic City: Ray Cox was stripped of his acting police chief title last month, within a month of succeeding retiring Chief Stone. Blumenthal and Cox both declined to comment specifically on the demotion, although Cox said he’s consulting an attorney. Read full story in Press of AC here.


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2 thoughts on “Brigantine City & PD / FD Union Stalemate”

  1. A SAD day for Public Safety in Brigantine

    WHAT debate? it’s DONE. Brigantine has a New Public Safety Director and those in Emergency Services have no future in furthering their career. NOW it gets interesting.

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