Brigantine Clamps Down On Short Term Rentals and Party Houses

New rules for short term, Brigantine rental properties. Crack down on nuisance properties.

Most homeowners were not aware of this major decision. Too bad these types of decisions are being made when most homeowners are away.

Brigantine voted YES to a new, updated ordinance targeting short-term rental houses.

Are these new Brigantine rental rules too onerous? Too many penalties and expenses?

New Brigantine Rental Rules Kick In Within 30 Days.

During public comment, many asked to delay decision for a month. Fine-tune these rule changes. Conduct town hall to determine best practices.

Inspection ‘may’ be mandatory for each new tenant. All depending on track record. This could provide for selective enforcement.

  • Register property.
  • Get inspection.
  • Same fee for all sizes.
  • Sticker for front door
  • Register tenant information.
  • 12 or greater. Multiple tenancy. More inspections.

How will 2nd homeowners find out about new rules, risks, penalties? Mayor Simpson and Brigantine City Council did not offer a plan.

Those who rent their Brigantine home could be in for quite a surprise.

Bigger fines and penalties. $250 was not enough as a penalty. Updated rules gives Brigantine the TEETH needed to enforce city ordinance.

26 people in a house. They’re running hotels.

Mayor Simpson

Big giant homes (party houses) are the target, suggests Mayor Andy Simpson. Don’t have the bachelor parties. Yelling and screaming

Team looking out for non-registered landlords.

We just found out about this. Not aware of ordinance. Don’t people have right to participate in government decisions?

Mark, Brigantine homeowner.

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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Clamps Down On Short Term Rentals and Party Houses”

  1. Most of these are good ideas that you can’t really argue with. Registration and inspection have been around for years. However, if the tenant register is intended to document every individual person who might be in a house, that is a bit absurd.

  2. Make it difficult on out of town owners, they get fed up and sell. Property values go down. Tax revenues follow. Then those precious, ridiculous pensions disappear as well. Careful what you wish for Brigantine residents.

  3. This vacation beach town / residential community would cease to exist without rental income from transient guests and vacationers. The rules need to clamp down on the unruly party guests and punish delict homeowners who “constantly” rent to them, not the responsible homeowner trying to rent to respectable people while generating some income to pay for their tax burden.

  4. Its the Jersey shore, if they allow rentals in communities like Stone Harbor and Avalon then why should Brigantine be any different? People go to the Jersey shore for summer vacation. Its a summer vacation spot…..why did everyone get so damn serious in Brigantine all of a sudden. I wasn’t aware that there were problems in the summer in Brig. I never hear sirens, see police cars racing down Brigantine Ave. Its the beach ….people go there to have fun!! Wake up.

  5. Residents love to complain about STRs, but I don’t see anyone complaining about those increased property values and all the millions in revenue the out of towners bring into the city. I have been vacationing and renting with my family here for years and just bought a home to use as a STR and for my family to use. Seems like a lot of people just need something to complain about. If you don’t want out of town visitors, then move somewhere that’s not a vacation home spot.

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