Brigantine Council Approves $4 Million Bond Ordinance

Brigantine City Council approved $4 million bond ordinance this past Wednesday. The issue passed 5-2 along political party lines. Republican Mayor Phil Guenther and Councilman Andrew Simpson voted against the ordinance as it was currently written. As reported in the Press of Atlantic City: “Four million dollars is a lot of money we’re adding on for future taxpayers,” Simpson said Thursday, adding he still believed the ordinance was too vague.

This bond battle may have been amped up due to the rising city budget, where the democratic majority of Brigantine City Council ultimately pushed through a 3.4-cent local tax-rate increase. Projects to be funded through the bond include:

•$1.2 million for new fire truck, ambulance, emergency equipment

•$612,000 for roadway improvements

•$582,000 for storm sewer system and pump stations

•$487,000 for the city recreational fields, public buildings, Shark Park playground, tennis court lighting, repairs to the city-owned library building

•$443,000 for bulkhead improvements

•$396,000 for vehicles: backhoe, dump truck w/ plow

•$280,000 for new police equipment.

Read full story here in Press of Atlantic City.

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Council Approves $4 Million Bond Ordinance”

  1. Are the complaints about the use of the funds? If the things / improvements / repairs are needed then the question should be; do we want more debt or do we want to fund the items with a tax increase paid over two or three years. If we want to use debt, did we get a good deal on the bond rate and the other fees associated with bonded debt

  2. It is interesting that Coucilman Kern voted “no” two meeting ago regarding the bond ordinance and yet this time voted “yes” with no explanation on what the road improvements were to be? He also had no questions prior to voting yes. Raise a bond for $4 Million and leave it open as to what is to be improved?

    As a taxpayer I expect Council to know exactly what the road improvements are to be before voting yes.

    Also there should be an exact breakdown as to what these items for the Fire Department are to be. There was no detailed breakdown of the fire equipment and trucks. When asked, answers were not specific.

    Where was the Public Safety Director at this meeting? He should have been there to offer details or send a representative from the Fire Department on such an important issue.

    Also the section of the Blvd that is not between 38th Street and Harbor Beach Blvd regarding the medial strip was not addressed.

    Mr. Purdy gave a good explanation of the plan when asked but because this is a county road I have concerns. I saw workers paving the medial strip with concrete the other day. This is the entrance to the island and it should be beautiful and not look like an interstate highway.

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