Brigantine Council & Chamber Cancel Easter Egg Hunt & 4×4 Parade on Beach

Back in 2010, a group of local businesses not happy with the local chamber of commerce, got together to do an Easter Egg Hunt on the beach. It was an immediate success. But today, after 5 awesome years…. this family friendly event… is no more.

Why did City Council and the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce pull the plug? Nobody knows for sure. This event attracted over 500 kids and was always great fun. Another pre-summer season event was the annual 4×4 Beach Parade. Sad to report…..that’s gone too… after 3 great years.

BACKGROUND: Back in 2010, Brigantine councilmen; John Murray & Sam Storino didn’t make it easy for these small businesses to start the Brigantine Easter Egg Hunt. Councilman Murray was a member of the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce at the time. Both Murray, and Chamber President; Emmett Turner declined the invitation to participate in this event for kids.

It took a few years…but in FEB 2015, the Brigantine Chamber & Brigantine City Council finally succeeded in cancelling the events.


Brigantine Hockey League picking up slack for Chamber?

Brigantine Hockey Coaches are increasing their version of Brigantine marketing / tourism efforts. Some local business not happy with these changes since Brigantine Hockey coaches are not managed by City Manager and are using non-sanctioned tactics. City Manager Ed Stinson reviewing issue now.


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8 thoughts on “Brigantine Council & Chamber Cancel Easter Egg Hunt & 4×4 Parade on Beach”

    1. Exactly Rich! just another way for want to be politicians to ruin a great day for family’s and not support the local businesses that make money the day of the event!

  1. Its a shame to cancel the Easter egg hunt. Adults don’t have to enjoy it but should. It was for the kids and the kids loved it. I have been coming to brigantine the last 10 years. In my opinion the city is becoming dull as businesses are folding, and more rules and regulations are made.
    whats next? no fishing or 4 x 4 passes.
    Instead of dictating rules that you think are good for the community, why don’t you go out into the community and see what people want. It is their town. So tired of people like you. RETIRE already.
    sure you can email me. cant wait

  2. Last year’s 4×4 parade was the first I went to. It was also the first time I went to Brigantine for over 30 years. I spent quite a few dollars that day eating a nice dinner and lunch. The 4×4 event brought my money to this community. Guess they do not want me (or my money) there.

    Bad decision by local politicians who are selfish and do not care about their residents.

  3. After reading all of what has been going on in Brigantine, as a property owner I am extremely disappointed. There seems to be some ego sensitive people who are dictating to the town and are promoting their own personal agenda. Any community should represent the people who inhabit it not the politicians who inhibit it.
    I hope the Chamber of Commerce can reorganize and actually promote commerce in our town. After purchasing my property I was extremely pleased to be able to bring my family and grandchildren to the annual Easter egg hunt on the beach. It was a wonderfully run event and we spent a lot of money in town that weekend. Since that event did not occur everyone stayed in PA, where we attended a similar event in their hometown. I have not since heard a single credible reason as to why this event was cancelled. I have spoken to a number of businesses in town and they all appreciated the event in past years.

    I think the people of Brigantine need to exercise our power at the polls and fire all of the politicians who are currently impeding our town.

    1. It would take a truly organized grassroots effort to DE-thrown those in charge.

      As I have said before the votes are bought and paid for by the Brigantine taxpayers via the Brig Business Municipal Welfare Plan. Those in charge see to it that insiders ie. the voting bloc are handed bogus or “cake” city jobs at overinflated salary/wage rates with benefits only equal to US Senators.
      Brig Business Municipal Welfare Recipients along with their friends and family in turn vote to keep those in power in order to remain on the Welfare Plan. It has lasted more than 15 years and until only recently has been brought to light. Change cant happen from within, it must happen from external sources, the 2nd homeowner taxpayers. Until this group decides to care nothing will change.
      Hours and hours of council meetings and those that attend are not going to change it either.

      1. How can the second homeowners do anything? They can’t vote and that’s the only thing that can get these clowns out of office. Unless they give up voting rights in their primary towns. There are implications to that.

        Would like to hear your solution.

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