Brigantine Politics and Local Retail Business

The old Steak 38 building sat there empty on Brigantine Blvd since 2008. In 2013, a local developer took a chance and put this once great attraction back on the road to recovery. Click thru to watch video. This former eyesore went from high-profile embarrassment to high-profile proof that Brigantine could be on a tourism rebound. More jobs. More tourists. More home buyers & renters.

Unfortunately, retail business & entrepreneurship seem to be frowned upon in Brigantine. We’re famous for years of insane ice cream debates, Council’s mis-management of a great golf course, killing off restaurants, shady Real Estate deals and boasting about how much we dislike motels. (See the city’s recent promo video)

At the recent council meeting on Feb 18, (watch video clip below) the developer asked a simple question about the parking & land around the Old Steak 38 property. He offers to do almost anything to help move this issue forward. He’s been asking council for feedback… for well over 4 months now. He gets nothing but double talk and delay. The famous ‘Brigantine Business Stall’ has begun.

In the video below, you’ll see and hear why the Brigantine retail environment is in decline. Photos of the area being discussed, can also be seen below.

  • Mr. Pullella creatively dodges question and does a deep dive into the fascinating history of parking in Brigantine.
  • Councilman /developer /speculator / potential restaurant competitor Pullella completes his vehicular placement lesson by admitting that cars could be towed & ticketed behind the old Steak 38 if someone complained. Indeed, local seagulls and a few mice might find a parked Toyota to be a nuisance back there.
  • Councilman Kern added more verbal gobbledy-gook to the so-called answer that Mr. Pullella just dished out.
  • Councilwoman McClay, emboldened by her moves that will pull valuable shoppers to her temp Farmers Market this Summer, chimed in with sweet sounding smoke.
  • Joe Piccardi; sadly, towed the party line and amplified the anti-tourist vibe by adding more verbal discouragement for this rare piece of retail growth and development.
  • Rick DeLucry (shrewd Real Estate & land development attorney)  did what he does best: explore possible legal disaster scenarios for this lonely parcel of Brigantine asphalt.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Politics and Local Retail Business”

  1. I find it hard to believe and disappointing that the governing body in Brigantine is making it more difficult for business owners and potential business developers to succeed in this municipality. They should be bending over backwards to help the new owner of the former Steak 38 property and other interested developers.

    They should also consider relocating the municipal dump and redeveloping that entire area into a town center with restaurants, amusement venues, theaters and other attractions that would bring more tourists to Brigantine. I always thought a Seaport theme would work well in that area.

    What is needed is a well thought out comprehensive plan instead of a piece-meal shot gun approach. The residents of Brigantine should have an opportunity to meet with City planners to explore various concepts that would truly make Brigantine a place to live forever.

    As for me, I sold my house and moved away from Brigantine last month, but plan to return as a tourist to enjoy the beautiful beaches, great people, wonderful golf course and new restaurants.

    Good Luck to everyone especially the elected officials who I feel will eventually do what is right and not fall into the same traps as the previous administration.

    Joe Tighue

  2. Why is a prime piece of real estate – CVS – allowed to keep such a disheveled landscape??? This is one of the first impressions seen by the visitors to our island. CVS property management should be held accountable to maintain the property !

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