Brigantine Council Ignoring Taxpayer Request for Pickleball

Riordan: fast & loose with facts.

Why is Brigantine City Council against installing Pickle-Ball courts? It’s the fastest growing, amateur sport. Like a giant game of ping pong. Much easier to play than tennis.

When will Brigantine catch up to other shore communities? Pickleball is huge. Ocean City has 17 courts. Margate and Ventnor each have 6.

Since 2017, Brigantine residents have been asking for pickle-ball courts.

Who or what is holding up this great idea?

City of Brigantine promised to convert some tennis courts into pickle-ball courts. Work was to begin Fall 2019.

Could Brigantine sports orgs be pushing back? Kinda like the dog park fiasco. Don’t wanna share public land with all taxpayers.

Mayor Simpson and crew playing rope-a-dope. Slow walking the idea. Typical.

Brigantine recreation board has been non-responsive. Failing to communicate with public. Foot dragging for past 3 years.

Pickle-ball compared to the dog park. A simple amenity that Brigantine Council didn’t want to provide.

  • It doesn’t drive revenue.
  • Too many non-voting, 2nd homeowners, will use them.

‘There is money allotted.’

Brigantine New Jersey City Council

Can Brigantine Councilman Mike Riorden be trusted?

Brigantine Councilman Riorden got caught telling a fib again. He was doing his best to protect Mayor Simpson….but went too far.

Brigantine Councilman Riorden: ‘I can assure you….pickle-ball courts are coming. In the meeting in August, the Mayor did say.. with our new bond that we approved for improvements in the city for $20 million. We were gonna see if it would be possible….

Mayor Simpson had to cut him off. Riorden was shoveling it too deep. (watch video)

FACT: Until recently, Mayor Simpson of Brigantine has never heard of pickle-ball. He doesn’t use email either.

There’s been a lot of discussion about this. It’s probably a good bet, the pickle-ball courts will be in the Community Center area.

Brigantine Councilman Riordan

Latest City Hall Joke: How can you tell if Councilman Riorden is bullsh*tting you? Answer: His lips are moving.

As is usual with Brigantine City Council…. Mayor Simpson, Vince Sera and Mike Riorden thought it best to hide critical discussion from the rest of Council… well as the general public.

Concilman Rick DeLucry respectfully shared that he was kept out of the loop on pickle-ball discussions. DeLucry (and others) not sure how decisions are being made.

During the Sept 4 Council meeting, Riorden disrespected Delucry and others by interrupting opposing viewpoints.

Riorden unhinged. Loudly disrupts Brigantine City Council meeting.

Riorden does collect a few brownie points though. Always playing role of Simpson attack dog.

Mayor Simpson is at fault for not controlling Councilman Riorden.

Former Brigantine Mayor, Phil Guenther, would often pull that kind of stunt. Guenther would interrupt and talk over the person. Threaten to have them removed from council chambers. See Brigantine THUG Politics with Phil Guenther.

Confidence levels plummet when Mayor Simpson announces that City Engineer, Matt Doran, will look into this.

Brigantine Matt Doran Phil Guenther
Doran called in to research Pickle-ball.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Council Ignoring Taxpayer Request for Pickleball”

  1. The City of Brigantine has already converted 2 of our tennis courts to Pickleball. As an avid tennis player, among many in our group of men’s doubles who play several times a week year round.
    The 2 full tennis courts that have been converted are certainly adequate for the number of Pickleball players, who also have use of the Community Center Sports Complex as well.
    I might add that the conversion of the 2 tennis courts and the additional lines added for the Pickleball are so distracting to tennis players, that we prefer not to use the courts, hence 2 less courts available for us.

    1. I’ve always wondered why tennis players are so bothered by pickleball lines. It always comes up in tennis vs. pickleball discussions. I’ve played in the Ocean City Civic Center, Egg Harbor Community Center, and the Upper Township Community Centet. All have lines for multiple sports. Maybe once or twice, a pickleballer will get confused by the lines. After losing a few volleys, the player learns which line is the pickleball line. I’ve observed that tennis players have trouble learning the same lesson. Why do pickleballers learn so quickly? From the above message, it seems that some tennis players never learn the lines and give up in frustration.

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