Raises for Brigantine Fire Dept & New Icemaker for Mad Dog Morgan

Brigantine City Council and Mayor Phil Guenther voted YES on WED Oct 7, to a substantial new contract with the Fire Department.

FD union leader; Tiger Platt of Absecon was quite pleased. Brigantine taxpayers not so much. Second homeowners with no representation (footing 70% of the Brig bills) were none to happy about this new burden they’ll be forced to bare.

It’s not just 2nd homeowners getting pick-pocketed. The local full-time residents not connected to city hall are getting hurt even more. Lower property values, job loss, remnants of Hurricane Sandy, and a struggling economy are forcing many to sell their Brigantine homes. Some are just picking up… and walking away.

Fear of retaliation and harassment from Brigantine insiders keep most quiet about this budget busting union contract.

Some Contract Highlights:

Base salary now includes items that are NOT allowed. Why would City Manager Stinson do this? Answer: It dramatically increases pension payouts to retirees.

Phil Guenther Financial Mis-management in Brigantine

The complete FD proposed contract was not shared with the public prior to the Council meeting. Even solicitor Scerni said it should be. City Clerk Lynn Sweeney did not to share the document via the agenda posted on the BB-NJ website. Guenther, McClay & Simpson passively gave OK to hide contract terms…ready for a vote, prior to the meeting. Once again, the Brigantine public was kept in the dark.

Congratulations to Bill Baldwin. He’s the brother-in-law of Mayor Guenther. He’s also the husband of a very well paid Brigantine school employee. Baldwin is the Brigantine ‘Fire Official’.

Here’s a few goodies of Baldwin’s new deal, courtesy of City Manager Ed Stinson. SEE VIDEO >

  • $122,000+ base pay
  • 4 day work week at 36 hrs pr week.
  • 8 full weeks of vacation
  • 180 hrs of Sick Time
  • 6 Paid Holidays
  • 2 Bonus days & 1 Personal day
  • 12% base pay raise & continued longevity bonus
  • Full health care w/ very limited contribution
  • Health care contributions avoided for past 4 years
  • Cadillac Tax picked up by taxpayers in 2018
  • Pension (Potential non-compliant funneling of certain comp into base pay to increase pension)

New Ice-Maker

Seems like City Manager; Ed Stinson NEVER has an answer on how taxpayer dollars are spent. He’ll get back to ya? Stinson’s responsiveness is spotty at best.

In video below, Brigantine Public Works chief John Doring admits to buying new $3,100 ice maker for Mad Dog’s Golf Course food business at The Links by using taxpayer funds.

Doring should have been reprimanded/terminated on the spot? No. He was given a pass by Guenther, Simpson & McClay.

Councilman DeLucry was the ONLY person to question that ice-maker purchase & payout. SEE VIDEO >

When it was time for discussion of The Links Golf Course, the Internet broadcast of the council meeting magically turned off. Calls to City Hall went unanswered as Mayor Guenther, Council members Simpson & McClay preferred to keep the LINK talk private as they take the course ‘non-profit’.

We contacted Councilperson McClay….no response.  Police Chief/Webmaster/Minister of Propaganda Tim Reed, Mayor Phil Guenther, Councilmembers Lisa McClay & Andy Simpson had no comment on this Brigantine City Hall Internet glitch #642

Residents allege that majority council is virtually stealing The Links Golf Course, liquor license, and food & beverage concession via Mad Dog Morgan & and a Florida-based ‘shell’ entity that Brigantine taxpayers send $6,000 – $9,000 to each month: Meadowbrook Golf Management Co.

Simpson & Guenther taking BRIGANTINE LINKS GOLF non-profit?

This will create even less transparency.

Taxpayers will never benefit from the upside potential of THE LINKS….but will still be saddled with handling most of the expenses. Ex: new $3,100 ice machine for Mad Dog Morgan.

As guests on Harry Hurley WPG 1450 Radio show have suggested: ‘Shenanigans’ can happen when towns own golf courses….and they become non-profits.

An effort could now be underway to stop all donations to the Brigantine Democrat Club. Under consideration is the re-allocating of those monies to hire an attorney. This law firm would be skilled in municipal law. They would represent 2nd homeowners who pay 70% of the bills, and have been kept in the dark about their voting rights.

Guenther, Reed, Simpson, McClay, Sweeney, Platt, have been placed on notice by this group.

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11 thoughts on “Raises for Brigantine Fire Dept & New Icemaker for Mad Dog Morgan”

  1. Brigantine Municipal Welfare Recipient spoof song (feel free to add your lyrics to better the song)

    Now look at us insiders that’s the way we do it
    We go fishing on Brigantine Beach
    That ain’t workin’ that’s the way we do it
    Money for nothin’ and our checks for free.

    Now that ain’t workin’ that’s the way we do it
    Lemme tell ya shoobies, we ain’t dumb
    On the clock double-time fishing on Brigantine Beach
    Maybe get a blister on our MIDDLE FINGER
    Maybe get a SUN blister on our arm

    We learned to play the municipal welfare system
    We learned to play Brig Business as usual
    Look at that mama she cut off council meeting camera
    Man now we can have some real fun

    And he’s up there, what’s that Simpson? Lifetime payments or cash register noises?
    Morgan leaning on his new ice machine with a bunch of chimpanzees
    Oh that ain’t workin’ that’s the way we do it
    Get our money for nothin’ get our checks for free.

    Listen here foots
    Now that ain’t workin’ that’s the way to do it
    We go to the Cove on Brigantine Beach
    That ain’t workin’ that’s the way we do it
    Money for nothin’ and our checks for free
    Money for nothin’ and the benefits are free
    (Get our) Money for nothin’ and checks for free
    Money for nothin’ and the chicks are free (I want my, I want my…Mother Brigantine)
    Money for nothin’ and the benefits are free
    (I want my, I want my… Mother Brigantine)
    (I want my, I want my… Mother Brigantine)

  2. So, if the ice machine is or the cart barn like Mr. Doring alludes to, could it be that this ice machine is going to be used to fill up water coolers on the course during the season. If it is in fact in the cart barn, this is a common location at most golf courses and not used for the food and beverage operation.

  3. I think it is time to file a law suit against the town to stop all of the illegal purchases and to stop them from emptying my pocket. I think a good start would be to file a suit against each member of city council as well as the mayor and any employee who is accused of riping off the tax payer. I use to love Brigantine. Now I hate the damn place. They treat us (2nd home owners) like fools and we are letting them. Cops who ride or sit around on the clock talking on cell phone while driving, will allow locals to speed but stop every out if state car for anything. I think it’s time to raise my hand and have my friends in Washington assist me in filling a law suit in Federal Court. Brigantine politics is nothing more than a mob ran town. Good old boys taking care of their family and friends. I spent my life as a Marine Officer fighting for the rights of American citizens, Major in street language that you may understand, You Suck a big One. Its time to cut you and your boys down to the right size. You took an oath, and it was for all citizens of Brigantine. What are 2nd home owners? Citizens from another planet! I will travel to DC next week, I have had enough.

  4. The fire fighters in Brigantine are paid more than those in big cities like Philadelphia, who actually work hard for a living. This town has entirely too many fire fighters, police, and other city employees, for its size/population. Compare Brigantine’s insane salary (and extreme benefits) to that of a Philly fire fighter:

    “The City of Philadelphia offers an exceptionally competitive entry-level salary and benefits package.

    The current yearly salary for a firefighter Recruit in the Fire Academy is $40,036. After graduating the academy as a Firefighter, you receive a pay increase. There are scheduled increases in pay to the present maximum of $55,603 a year.”

  5. What does Mr. Belote mean when he referred to going to Washington? I,too, think all these crooks should be indicted & would love to back up his say to the Feds. This thievery is not only killing the 2nd homeowner but the entire town is going back to what is what like in the 80’s. The more media news this corrupt town gets the faster they can all be put in jail & they wouldn’t be the 1st or 2nd to go to the slammer for being crooks in Brigantine.

  6. I have written to Gov. Christie, Trenton, Liquor Control Board and the State Police…..and nothing. I get the feeling that treating second homeowners have been treated this way for a century (old tradition along the jersey shore). Let the pitiful primary homeowner get away with paying nothing compared to the second homeowners. Just look at the new FEMA premium increase…Primary homeowner pays $25.00 & Secondary homeowner pays $250.00. Wind & rain don’t discriminate. So FEMA has the same mentality as all of the governing body in New Jersey. And they “NJ politicians” know they can do this, laugh about it & get away with it. Just imagine if all the Pennsylvania & New York secondary homeowners pulled out of the Jersey shore. The 120 miles of shore line would be a no-man’s land. Because there would be no money to support the “FULL TIME BUM’s & POLITICIANS”. Shame on us “OUTSIDER’s” for supporting such SCUM. Whoever thought enjoying a part of America would turn so sour for so many.

    1. Chris,

      Soon I will be posting a website that will be an online petition that will basically state that part time residents should be able to vote in local elections.

      I have been pushing for this for 20 years. But no one ever backed me up. Maybe now people will wake up.


    THE firemen do not have a salary, it is a unwarranted gift to keep their and their families’ votes.

    What a joke , firemen, who are mostly high school graduates, who are doing virtually nothing, are making more money than doctors.

    Also, one third of their “work day” is sleeping. They do not get awakened up in the middle of the night Like AC firemen.


    Politicians have ruined Brigantine: No more pier, Very few restaurants, No more Hotels, No more business.
    It is the deadest shore town on the East coast.


    DORING IS A PROVEN CROOK. Reed is an overgrown cry baby who will seek retaliation to anyone that he does not like or disagrees with.

    Moreover, I am sure that Reed misses his long and lavish lunches (on company time) that he had with Jennifer Blumenthal at the Laguna Grill.

    We need to clean house in city hall. Everyone must go. Let them get a real job so they can find out what it is like to actually work.

  9. Tim Reed got fired ! He was caught using company Commputer to harass to under age girls. Why the early retirement huh Tim?
    What about the 14 separate complaints against him in the last 2 weeks ? Tim didn’t the underage girls father ask you last year to stop talking to them? And what did you tell him ” you were just looking out for them?’

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