Brigantine Council Steps Up Ham-Handed, Short-Term Rental Crack Down

WATCH VIDEO >Brigantine Council Real Estate Rental Ruse & Golf Course Scam.

Watch video clips of Brigantine City Council meeting of May 6. Discussion includes draconian crack-down on all short-term rental properties NOT represented by local real estate offices.

Property owners bracing for selective enforcement of short-term rentals in Brigantine. Fines, legal fees, revocations of permits, or worse.

According to Brigantine City Manager Jim Bennett & Mayor Simpson, Brigantine realtors are actively taking future, short-term rental reservations.

Whereas, the 500+ Brigantine homeowners who use AirBnB, Home-Away and VRBO… are sh*t out of luck.

Brigantine City Hall not letting this crisis go to waste. Now’s their chance to squash pesky property owners who don’t use local realtors.

500+ small, taxpaying businesses getting hosed by Mayor Simpson and Brigantine City Council. Forcing AirBnB to block all Brigantine rentals, until further notice.

Brigantine issuing more summons, too. Shutting down AirBnB and VRBO, while letting local realtors slide.

The Brigantine court system will soon be busy with so-called, short-term rental abusers.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor has been notified as well. They’re ripe and ready to assist, says Brigantine City Hall. First court date is on MAY 21.

Your Brigantine short-term vacation rental is a ‘death trap.’

Brigantine Mayor, Andy Simpson

Local Brigantine realtors not affected. That’s great news for Brigantine Councilman Mike Riordan, a real estate agent on the island. Both Riordan & Mayor Simpson have clear conflicts of interest.

Cops will run license plates, says Mayor Simpson.

Councilman Paul Lettieri is stalking / helping, to rat-out residents.

Please take pictures of property and vehicles. Send to Jack Murray of Brigantine FD. He’s in charge of investigating all those abusive taxpayers not using local realtors.

Concerned Brigantine Taxpayer

Rental Inspector Jack Murray of the Brigantine Fire Department was not on the call today. Neither was his boss, Brigantine Fire Chief, Tiger Platt of Absecon, NJ.

Mayor Simpson: Murray is overwhelmed. Needs more help.

How will Brigantine handle all those inspection appts? Good luck with that. Pray that City Hall will get your rental property inspected in time to make a few bucks.

A Brigantine Councilman with plenty of time on his hands, Paul Lettieri, said this about one particular property: 20 different groups in last 16 days. He’s taking pictures of cars too. Running checks on plates. Lettieri’s research says many cars he tracked are from the Lakewood area.

Lakewood is full of short-term rental abusers, cries Brigantine Councilman, Paul Lettieri.

Simpson says he’ll have the cops board your place up if you defy his orders. Simpson believes properties using AirBnB are ‘death traps’. WATCH VIDEO ABOVE.

Simpson abused governor orders by allowing the golf course to remain open for past month. Simpson ignores & defies.

Angela Reynolds

Brigantine Chamber of Commerce President & local real estate agent, Angela Reynolds, not providing comment.

Note: Brigantine Chamber of Commerce losing membership. Lack of leadership cited. Small business pulling out of Chamber.

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22 thoughts on “Brigantine Council Steps Up Ham-Handed, Short-Term Rental Crack Down”

  1. Thank you, BrigantineNOW. It’s nice to hear the truth.

    Hey taxpayers, you just lost another rental who puts at least $15,000 toward your economy each year.

  2. Brigantine Lifer

    funny how the corrupt mayor says one thing, then city manager contradicts him. local realtors are still renting. no matter what simpson says. Mayor is a liar. So are those on council.

  3. Brigantine politics. Too many obvious conflicts of interest making these decisions. From Mayor Simpson, Councilman Riordan, and Business Chamber President, Angela Reynolds. As long as their personal business is ok, and the realtors on the island (Riordan) can still work, is all that matters. They care not of the residents. Just their friends! Nothing new.

    This panel (city council) is a joke. No wonder the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce is losing people.

  4. We rent every year in Brigantine through AirBnB. We come there with the entire family and spend plenty of money on your island.

    Your attitudes toward island rentals, makes the island seem ugly.

    AirBnB should be allowed to run their businesses in compliance with state laws, not a corrupt Brigantine City Council that wants to put money in there own pockets. Shame on you!

    1. The only difference between realtors and VRBO is ability to book future rentals. The short term rental ban prohibits renters from occupying, no matter where you booked.

      There is a slight advantage given to realtors.

      How many people are actually booking now? Not a lot. How many people rent in May? Not a lot. I’m a 2nd homeowner who rents my house on VRBO, so I’m not happy about the situation, no one is, but give council a break.

      To be fair, the mayor doesn’t do a great job of explaining it, but they’re doing what they can to reduce traffic….which should be understandable.

      I agree with a lot of what is said on this site but criticizing the Mayor while praising Councilman DeLucry is disingenuous. With any luck, the ban will go away in June and the summer will be mostly saved.

        1. Another taxpayer

          I too used to respect DeLucry as the only sane voice in the gang of hoodlums. No more. Repugnant is being kind. There are social distance rules that can be enforced. Not resorting to vigilantism! Shame on you all!

  5. Can you really trust the sick litany of lies and deceit. It’s one thing to disagree with people, it’s another to act so repugnantly. Disgusting.

  6. The past month opened a lot of eyes to the really really bad Brigantine leadership of past 20 years.

    City Council does nothing but worry about how they can get AirBnB customers to flock to their over-priced real estate offices.

    Telling visitors you cant walk on the seawall, but you can play golf for free.

    Over past 15 years, my house value has dropped 25% and my taxes are up 45%.

    Councilman Riordan is terrible for business. Councilperson Karen Bew sits on the LINKS Golf committee that does nothing for taxpayers. Nothing.

  7. Brigantine is an awesome place to live and if you don’t like the awesome job the mayor and city council are doing than you should leave the island. A negative outlook only breeds further negativity

    1. Also a resident

      Brigantine is a beautiful beach. Easy to be awesome when you are spending other people’s money!

  8. So this is exactly the same treatment we get when we complain about the ridiculous amount of noise created by the Laguna Bar and Grill Rock Bands, even at great distances. Greasy palms, cronyism, and good old boy politics rule the day in an island where most of the tax dollars come from those of us who own second homes. The local government is a shameful shamfest hellbent on doing the happy dance around true leadership at the expense of property owners. We need honest leaders who actually care about and have a vision for the totality of our island.

  9. Some real powerful second home owners have moved in. It won’t be long before they start singing another song.

    1. I’m a second homeowner. My spouse and I have been here for 2 years. We purchased in Brigantine and viewed it as something great, vs other shore towns.

      I’m so disappointed that what we’re learning is so much divide between primary residents and 2nd homeowners.

      Politicians need to listen to all. Primary and secondary homeowners. Find common ground to survive as a great city. Otherwise you will fall and crumble. Aged residents will pass on. A ghost town will be standing where Brigantine used to be.

      No, I never want to discuss this when I’m on my street with anybody. I see what I see. I hear what I hear. I read what I read. I form my own opinion.

      Ask how can you make the majority happy and content as homeowners in your town.

      Ask yourselves how to generate more money for the town, to keep homeowners happy while on vacation, being a primary or second homeowner.

      Create longevity for a town, like it or not, thrives and generates on those coming INTO town. NOT staying out, or leaving town.

      Nobody wants increased illness in a city. Nobody wants to increased death toll numbers.

      The balance lies within reason, moderation, accommodation, reality and compromise.

      Therein lies the greater good among the conflict.

  10. Something has to be done about the rude and arrogant city manager
    He is a disgrace and should be fired

  11. I will be renting my 11 Brigantine rental properties via Air BnB

    There is no way that they can prove my properties are any safer if rented by a local realtor, than by Air BnB.

    If the empty-suit of a Mayor or the embarrassing City Manager don’t like it….bummer for them.

    If they try to stop me, they’d better have very deep pockets because I will bankrupt the town and sue them personally for infringing upon my Constitutional rights

    Bring it fellows

  12. I’m a yearly renter in Brigantine. I’ve lived here for 4 years. The property is up for sale. Do I have to let anyone into this condo? Both my husband and I are over 65 with many illness. We would not want strangers walking thru with a hungry realtor.

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