Brigantine Council Still Can’t Find Land for Pickleball Courts

Brigantine Pickleball
Brigantine Residents Love Pickleball

Brigantine owns or controls large plots of land on the island. Much of it devoted to youth sports like hockey, football, baseball and rowing. No expense spared for these popular and important activities, utilized by the full-time residents of Brigantine.

But when it comes to bocce & tennis courts, dog parks, horseback riding and/or pickleball, Brigantine just can’t find the money, space or resources.

Kathy from East Evans Pkwy has returned to address Brigantine Council. She’s a pickle-ball advocate. WATCH VIDEO.


For years, Brigantine Mayors Guenther & Simpson, along with Councilmen Vince ‘Saint’ Sera and Mike ‘Wierden’ Rierden, kicked the can down the road.

Why spend tax dollars on stuff 2nd homeowners enjoy? Much better to direct tax dollars to 6-figure employee salaries, boat checks and inflated payouts to Brigantine’s preferred engineer, Matt Doran.

Residents complain that basic maintenance is rarely performed on popular Brigantine amenities like bocce, tennis and dog park.

On Sept 4, Mayor Simpson said he had a site in mind for pickleball courts. At the same time, Simpson was plotting and scheming to get the Brigantine skate park condemned. This would make it easier to replace the property with pickleball courts.

When confronted by residents packing the council chambers, Simpson had a charge of heart. The room full of voters. The Mayor can’t disappoint that important group.

NOTE: Promises were made by Simpson, Sera and Rierden to give weekly, Pickleball updates. That never happened.

Oops, another Brigantine City Hall glitch too. Couldn’t watch the council meeting on TV. Learn more: Greenhead Transparency. Brigantine is Glitch Prone.

Group that is sorely neglected in Brigantine is mid-teens to 50-ish group.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Council Still Can’t Find Land for Pickleball Courts”

  1. Noticed I can no longer access council meeting live anymore. N it takes forever to post miniute that say nothing about what was done just nay and yes. And another thing mayor Andy needs social skills and that 5 min gifted to complainer and the way they interrupt them n talk down is a disgrace! Maybe they need to watch their own meeting and see just how arrogant they are and a strategically place chief of police sits near the resident how intimidating!! But that’s them . I say ask state attorneys general to look into all we have on here past n present and see it’s more than just complainers it’s Real!!!!!

  2. It’s wrong to ignore homeowners that have Brigantine as a second home.
    Second homeowners today become the primary voting residents of the future as they make plans to retire. Keep catering only to main primary residents that currently vote and you have a problem 15 yrs from now.
    You need to consider both parties of voting residents as well as future homeowners that have their second home there. That’s not rocket science if counting revenue %s.

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