Councilman Delucry: Brigantine Should Not Run Golf Course

Why would Brigantine be the better choice for running our city golf course? That’s what Councilman Delucry wants to know.

Is it arrogance that makes Brigantiners think that locals can come up with a good plan to turn around the ‘Links at Brigantine’? Many believe that much needed ‘marketing savvy’ and some drainage fixes could go a long way. Delucry seems to disagree. Brigantine taxpayers do have choices, one is to ‘just go out and buy lottery tickets’.

Click thru to WATCH VIDEO of Councilman Rick Delucry during last night’s Brigantine council meeting.

Brig golf delucry 8.7.2013 from Get Smart Digital on Vimeo.

Should we invest in one of Brigantine’s top attractions for both residents and visitors? Or should taxpayers play it safe and punt? Should we lease out one of our most valuable assets?

What do you think? Watch the video, then leave your comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Councilman Delucry: Brigantine Should Not Run Golf Course”

  1. Totally agree with his comments. Running a golf course is not for amateurs. Golf courses should be run by experienced PROFESSIONALS.

    Wake up Brigantine and make the necessary changes to improve and maintain the golf course and let it be run by Professionals.

    The golf course is a GEM for the Island and if it is not brought up to PAR it will certainly continue to decline in spite of the best efforts of the Greens Keeper. The problems with drainage must be fixed!

    The clubhouse roof needs to be repaired and the bar and food area needs to be expanded and stay open later for all to enjoy.

  2. Rich,
    You are correct on all points. Taxes are an issue on this island and we need to be more conservative in ALL issues that could potentially effect the rate.

    I think the issues that are driving the decisions the other way is the fact that all the Deals that are made and free golfing will be termnated if it was leased. And we do not want to upset that group do we..

    It would be a win-win situation if it was leased. The island would have something for visitors to look forward to. Since housing seems to be what we focus on and not the creation of new and refreshing activities for visitors and their families.

  3. Government cannot run businesses because they have no incentive to compete or profit from them. Privatize the golf course so it can be run properly.

    Brigantine also needs to privatize the public works department, make the fire department volunteer and abolish the position of school superintendent.

  4. the major problem with privatization is that the focus becomes profit interest and not public interest. privatization usually results in job cuts, reduced wages and reduced quality of service. why cant the city hire a golf course manager instead of outsourcing entirely? i agree hire experts, i disagree with totally privatizing.

    Privatization = taxpayer money and development, “money” buy in on the cheap for long term profits

  5. It is time for a change in the management company (the professionals that run the course). Leasing it to a third party is a horrible idea. The golf course would have plenty of money if the profit motive of a certain politician did not hire a lawyer to force the golf course to lose its liquor license investment. Well now when taxpayers have to pay for it we can all thank him. Maybe he will blame it on his sister!

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