Brigantine Cove & Northend Seawall to Open, Rental Ban Update.

Brigantine Northend Seawall
Brigantine Seawall & Promenade

Looks like the Brigantine Seawall will be reopened on Wednesday morning, June 3. The closure over past few months forced beach-goers to either walk along treacherous north-end dune paths dodging 4x4s, or schlep multiple blocks south to finally reach the ocean.

Along the inlet, Brigantine is getting ready to re-open Cove Beach to 4×4 vehicles with a permit. This should help with the over-crowding of Brigantine’s Jetty Beach.

Modifications are being made to COVE entrance. Public safety and beach fee employees will be positioned for safe and efficient handling of vehicles.

Jetty Beach

The Cove & Jetty Beach can handle a max of 700 total vehicles.

Over past few years, Mayor Simpson and Councilman Vince Sera defended the practice of selling close to 6,000 4×4 permits each season.

When will Brigantine condos be permitted to open their private pools? Not anytime soon. NJ Governor Murphy says, as it currently stands, any shared (or common pool) has to remain closed until further notice. They’re in process of developing so-called guidance as it pertains to shared pools.

Don’t miss the June 3 Brigantine Council meeting. Potential agenda items include:

  • Will City Council finally lift the short-term rental ban?
  • When will Brigantine allow the ball fields to open? How about tennis and pickle ball?
  • Status of Farmers Market
  • Status of Mayor Simpson medical condition. Will Deputy Mayor Sera delay critical decisions until Simpson’s return?
  • Councilman Haney’s plan to re-open the City of Brigantine Beach

June 3rd Brigantine City Council Meeting
1:00 pm
Instructions for “Virtual Council Meeting”
Meeting ID 734-570-2437
Go to and click on “join a meeting”.

Meeting will not be broadcast over Channel 97 or streaming online. The only way to access meeting, is via one of the methods above.

Brigantine NOrth End
North End Beach

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  1. Got my 2 Brigantine rental properties rented every week of summer. I used the internet to do so.

    No fees to Brigantine. No jack-booted Brig thugs telling me what to do. Try to find me.

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