Brigantine COVID-19 Update. Rentals, 4×4 Beach Permits & Free Golf.

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Here’s the latest news on how Brigantine City Hall is handling the COVID-19 chaos. It’s not pretty.

Rather, Brigantine public relations is confusing. Contradictory. Un-fair. Stupid. Even dangerous.

As of April 27, the following Brigantine areas are still closed for public use:

  • Cove Beach Inlet Area.
  • Brigantine Sea Wall.
  • Northend Observation Tower.
  • Playgrounds and Parks.

But, the front beaches and inlet jetty are both still open in Brigantine.

Links at Brigantine Golf Still Open. Play a Round for Free?

During the April 15 Council meeting, Brigantine Mayor Andy Simpson effectively said the Links at Brigantine Golf course is still open at no charge. So, I guess we can all feel free to visit Brigantine and play a round of golf, for free. Gee, thanks Mayor.


Not one person attending that April 15 Brigantine Council meeting questioned Mayor Simpson’s flagrant disregard of current law designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. They were either too scared or too stupid to question Brigantine’s version of Joe Biden.

City of Brigantine has ignored NJ Governor’s order to close Links golf course.

Concerned Citizens of Brigantine

Brigantine 4×4 Beach Permits for 2020 Season.

City of Brigantine says: Until such time that the beach fee services are restored, all 2019 4×4 permits are valid for the 2020 season. Once we have a date for re-opening, we’ll provide ample notice and time to obtain a 2020 permit.

Note: At this time, City Hall is NOT allowing people to purchase 2020 pass at preseason rate of $200. May 1 is when that massive price increase takes place. Once Brigantine City Hall is back open, you’ll likely be charged the NEW rate of $300 for a 4×4 beach permit.

Yes, this ruling unfairly affects 2nd homeowners.

City of Brigantine posted this on social media: A decision on extending the discounted rates will be made when we know when we are re-opening. Thank you and stay safe and stay home. ( editor’s note: unless you want to golf for free or use our beautiful beaches )

Simpson, Sera, Riordan.

Note: Brigantine beaches can only hold 700, 4×4’s at any one time. City Hall sells approx 6,000 permits per year, an ill-advised plan that was pushed by Councilman Vince Sera.

4×4 Brigantine beach access is first come, first served. Better get there early. I mean REALLY early.

JJ: Let’s see how long this lasts… until everyone “flocks” down here because they’re bored, acts like idiots, and then it’s ruined for everyone. It’ll be a 4th of July repeat. Bad decision. Shame on them. Should’ve just honored 2020 passes and kept it at that. Hope those that purchased 2020 passes get extended time to use them.

Still, Plenty of Short-Term Rental Confusion in Brigantine

WATCH VIDEO: Brigantine Bans Short Term Rentals by AirBnB

MP on Short Term Rental Ban: Up until what date is this effective at the moment? I understand it is not known exactly when the ban will be lifted, but, at this time, I need to call my guests who did not already cancel to let them know they can not come to their scheduled vacation rental. Should I cancel through end of May? Any guideline on how long we know for sure this will be in effect will be very helpful.

Island of Brigantine says ‘Please contact Jack Murray, our Fire Official, at 609-266-3102 for more information.’

MP: I did, several times. Left a message. I understand everyone is busy, that is why clear information from the beginning is key to avoiding a number of follow up phone calls. The message I received from VRBO states “effective immediately, the rental of any property (be it seasonal, transient and/or short-term) within the City of Brigantine is prohibited.”, without any dates listed. The message I received from AirBnB states “All seasonal, transient, and/or short-term rentals (stays that are 175 nights or shorter) must cease taking new reservations from April 17, 2020 – June 1, 2020. ” Can you confirm here I need to cancel everything up until June 1st at this time?

JG: Huge government overreach. Worst part: they tried to allow local realtors to still short-term rent at first showing. Absolutely nothing to do with safety. This is going to crush local business. Create a ton of foreclosures and tax defaults. Such a shame. Very short sighted.

Mike AI look forward to my local tax breaks since they’re taking away our income.

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9 thoughts on “Brigantine COVID-19 Update. Rentals, 4×4 Beach Permits & Free Golf.”

    1. Good thinking Joe but stop to think. Impeach this clown and the same 25% will vote in another clown. And the beat goes on.

    2. The only thing these clowns can run are their mouths. Do they really think ordinary people are as feckless and helpless as they are, without nanny state to hold their hand? Can sanity prevail before they shove the whole economy right off a cliff?

  1. I understand there will be 2 meetings
    Wed May 6th
    Can you please mark on your agenda
    Annual Community Yard Sale

    Thank You

  2. If the MAX Occupancy for the COVE is 700
    Than ENFORCE this Ruling


    NO reason to allow thousands to enjoy our beach town

    Personally my opinion and I believe it to be true

    IF (a big word)
    Remaining Passes are Available then allow the max of 700 to be met and offer Non- Residents the invite to OUR Island

    THIS will prevent future disturbances and/or added stress and headaches

    THANK YOU…..

  3. Mayor Simpson encouraged residents to rat on each other, but allowed outsiders to come and play golf for free at the Links at Brigantine Golf course.

  4. Bew and her gang playing golf all the time
    That’s all she worried about
    Gotta have the golf course open
    The heck with everyone else
    And she will second that

  5. I am totally disabled and I wish to renew my 4×4 beach pass for the 2020 season please tell me I do not have to be there before 10 a.m. to do so

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