Brigantine Delays Budget Vote, Blumenthal Wants Furloughs

Brigantine budget issues have delayed the Brigantine budget vote. The minority Republican councilmen put up very strong arguments against the majority Democratic plan. Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson provided a much needed voice of reason. Below are summarized excerpts from The Beachcomber News…

Brigantine City Council unable to finalize budget at meeting Wed, April 17. Mayor Guenther and Councilman Simpson still opposed to budget that includes tax increase of 3.4 cents, proposing one that would lower that amount by 2.5 cents.

Discussions grew heated. At one point, Simpson questioned whether using funds obtained from the Community Disaster Loan to offset potential loss of tourist-related revenue was a scam to get that funding. The budget as proposed would increase taxes – on the average residential assessment of nearly $500,000….climbing to $2,606.

City Manager Blumenthal wants all city employees to take a voluntary furlough. Council agreed to continue the budget process at its next meeting on May 1.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Delays Budget Vote, Blumenthal Wants Furloughs”

  1. “The job of the Mayor is to listen to complaints.” I heard that comment very recently, as a metaphor to explain the general role of mediating disagreements. Mayor Gunther, I would like to say I applaud your stamina. It isn’t easy being a pin cushion.

  2. How about a Bold and Underlined- NO TAX INCREASE! CUT SPENDING!

    Are the words “CUT salaries- CUT staff numbers” in any bodies vocabulary?

    No more personal business on company time!
    – STOP running your business out of the Fire Company… YOU know who YOU are- and so do we!
    This practice MUST stop NOW!

    Learn to do MORE with LESS- just like the “people” must do.

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