Brigantine Democrats Will Explain Why They Won’t Run Candidate in November

Lisa McClay Brigantine Corruption
In Guenther’s Pocket? Lisa McClay. PHOTO: Press of Atlantic City

The Brigantine Democratic Club will meet 7p. Thurs, Aug. 20 at the Brigantine Community Center. Councilwoman Lisa McClay & her D-squad will try to explain why the Dems won’t try to regain council majority in the upcoming November election.

Background: Brigantine’s first ward seat is currently and temporarily held by the likable, yet in-effective Karen Bew. It’s was up for grabs this November but the deadline has passe. Bew is running un-opposed. The fiscally conservative Dems had a chance to regain a 4-3 majority over the scandal ridden team of Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson & City Manager Ed Stinson….but said no thanks.

Brigantine Dem Club president Jerry Szucs will also provide insight into why they decided to take a pass in the November 2015 election.

What’s the REAL reason an opposition candidate is not running for that first ward seat? It’s the real and well documented fear of harassment by first ward insiders, many of whom are well paid by Mayor Guenther’s City Hall.

One particular, well-respected person who lives in the first ward was highly encouraged to run, but declined. We can certainly appreciate the need to avoid having their livelihoods destroyed and their families being harassed by Guenther’s ‘Goon Squad’.

Also on the bill at this Democratic meeting is guest speaker; Kip Emig. He’s the well respected chief of the Brigantine Beach Patrol. Kip is a big part of why our beaches are so safe.

All Brigantine taxpayers and residents are welcome.

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4 thoughts on “Brigantine Democrats Will Explain Why They Won’t Run Candidate in November”

  1. Many of us second homeowners are at our primary residence working to pay the taxes for the “old boys club” mis-management so we can’t attend a meeting on a Thursday.

  2. I remember reading somewhere a comparison of Democrats and Republicans to the wizard of oz characters. If the silver shoe fits…
    typical Democrats = cowardly spineless
    typical Republicans = old rusty and heartless

  3. BRIgantine is like Peter Pan land I’ll never grow up I’ll never grow up Gunther is Peter Pan In Brigantine.
    I suggest you call the TV channels and get them to investigate

  4. I suggest you call the TV channels and get them to investigate.

    The investigator would have a field day. There’s so much there to investigate.
    It would be like a smorgasbord! Just the fact that the same people are in power
    for over 25 years is mindboggling. If you wanted to see democracy in action,
    Brigantine AIN”T the place.

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