McClay & Brigantine Democrats Ready to Rock & Rule

Lisa McClay
Lisa McClay

It’s been over 100 years…a very long time. But the Democrats have finally taken control of Brigantine City Council.

Brigantine Beach; founded in 1897, has been dominated by generations of Republican regulars, since the very beginning. But the crew known as Citizens 4 Brigantine; featuring Lisa McClay, brushed all of that aside, and have truly accomplished an epic feat.

Effective now, the old school culture of our little island by the sea, is now just a memory. We welcome the new leadership!

The results…..

  • Democratic Councilman Rick DeLucry, defeats Republican challenger Leo Troy.
  • Democrat Joe Picardi, over Republican Gloria Jacoby.
  • Democrat Lisa McCray ( future mayor? ) upsets Republican Joe Campitelli.
  • In the 1st Ward, Republican Andy Simpson, edges out Democrat Dorie Herndon.

The winners, along with the two at-large seats held by Democrats; Tony Pullella and Frank Kern, give the Dems, five of six seats on council. One would assume that political life for Republican mayor; Phil Guenther, will get a little more interesting.

“The first time ever,” said Councilman Frank Kern. “Look for a right-sizing of all city departments after an operational audit.”

FYI…acccording to Steve Lemongello of the AC PRESS….as far as the presidential vote, Brigantine remained Republican — Mitt Romney received 2,179 votes in the city to 1,861 for President Barack Obama, who visited the city last week following Hurricane Sandy. That was actually less votes for Obama than in 2008, when the president received 2,003 votes to John McCain’s 2,434.

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4 thoughts on “McClay & Brigantine Democrats Ready to Rock & Rule”

  1. After the unremarkable and disappointing Hurricane Sandy disaster response our wonderful Mayor exhibited last week, he should truly start looking over his shoulder and start to understand the being a “Leader” means more than making one’s self available for every friggin photo opportunity requested.

  2. Congrats to the Brigantine Democrats…your town’s survival relies on the new regime. Current and past administrators have recklessly expended taxpayer dollars primarily generated from non-residents who may own properties or visit the island as well as fuel the town’s economy. The FOOT mentality must stop here and hopefully an end is near for the cronyism and excessive public salaries for those who haven’t earned it as well. Brigantine’s future depends on this change. All the best!

  3. Yes, change is good but at what cost to the tax payers. Brigantine is one of the best run cities in the county. Brigantine is a Full Service community. Other towns have only paid police with volunteer fire & ambulance service. There houses are worth less than half the value of Brigantine and they pay a lot more in taxes. And Now I see that Mr. Kern is making comments like “There will be a tru right-sizing of all city departments after an operational audit”, wants to take away from city departments that are run efficiently. Brigantine is a Full Service Community, let’s keep it that way. Don’t threaten people about losing their jobs . “Be Careful What You Wish For Mr. Kern” , you might cut jobs, but taxes will never go down, they only go up.. It’s just a way of life. Maybe changing the way people are hired, promoted and not just based on Nepotism and Cronyism. Just don’t go out there and want to stick it to employees because of a past political machine that you were against. They must have done something right, look at Brigantine NOW.. Nice place to live and have a family and Visit. Don’t just go out there and destroy what was done over the years.. I believe your problems are with the past people in charge , not the employees. Lets keep Brigantine a Nice place. Just be Wise & Smart. Do it for the good of Brigantine and not Mr. Kern.. Be a Better Person. So Stop making comments like, “There will be a tru right-sizing of all city departments after an operational audit” Lets try and keep the services we have instead of taking away..

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