Brigantine Public Works: Shark Park Playground FAIL

Brigantine Shark Park Mayor Guenther
Dept of Public Works FAIL.

One of the few kid-friendly attractions in Brigantine is Shark Park Playground. Sadly, it’s still closed on this crowded 4th of July weekend.

For the past two years, Brigantine’s Mayor Guenther, Councilman Simpson and John Doring from the Department of Public Works have assured residents and visitors that re-building the rusty and run down playground would be a top priority.

The one-man-band known as Paul Amalfitano; a local dad, volunteered countless hours towards revitalizing this critical piece of community space. While Amalfitano worked tirelessly to attract funding and manpower to rebuild Shark Park, Brigantine’s City Council oddly placed more focus and funding elsewhere. Just one example: the ill-advised The Links Golf Course deal with Mad Dog Morgan and a mysterious Florida based corporation that receives close to $10,000 per month for services unknown.

Amalfitano recently share this on his social media page:

Yes it is the 4th of July and yes we have fallen just short of opening the park. However, we want everyone to know that this project is and always has been a joint effort between the Volunteer Committee and the Brigantine Department of Public Works and we are working very hard on a lot of elements, to make them complete and safe for everyone.

Volunteering is never easy, but it makes our community better in so many ways.

But please know.. our answer to When will it open? is when it is complete and safe… asap. How can you help? Well we are still accepting volunteer labor, or you can still purchase t-shirts, Beach towels or pickets down at the Brigantine Community center (Thanks Brigantine Beach Cer) as well as sponsorships for larger pieces that are still available. OTHERWISE… BE SAFE!

Have a Great, happy, healthy and hopefully sun filled 4th of July holiday with family and friends. and we will keep you posted with updated info and pictures as soon as we can.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Public Works: Shark Park Playground FAIL”

  1. Wow, all those municipal welfare recipients (most notably police and fire) really busted their collective butts to give back to the community that overpay them so handsomely!

    Safe to make some assumptions:
    1. Not many, if any of the municipal welfare recipients have children aged that would play at the park
    2. The park would attract “FOOT” and “shoobie” children
    3. The municipal welfare recipients were probably busy with their other jobs to lend a meaning hand.

    Please feel free to add to the list….

  2. As I stated in a previous comment where are the engineers? I work for an insurance company and should one injury claim be filed with the insurance company the first question would be who the engineer on the job was and did he/she sign off on the design. Volunteers are not incompetent but the law is the law and I as a second homeowner don’t want to pay for a law suit.
    Mayor Guenther has cancelled everything else how is it Shark Park is even a discussion?
    Why not just sell the property to a developer and have a house/houses built on it to provide more revenue to support our run away taxation. I see other businesses being squeezed off the island how is it that Shark Park is still an active topic?

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