Brigantine Dog Park Still in Limbo?

From Grace Ketterer: To all who signed the petition to reopen the Dog Park in Brigantine, New Jersey. I regret to say that even though our City Council agreed to get us a new Dog Park on the conditions of location approval and funding, we’re still in the dark as to where it will be; when it will be created, and why it’s taking so long to announce!

Over 500 signatures from residents who want us to have a dog park, and still no information has been made public. Our Senior Citizens who have been using the park for their dogs to run are still stranded, and getting chased off forbidden places where we are not allowed to walk our dogs, or give them a little exercise. We need help! I wish they had made a better plan before they locked us out!

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Dog Park Still in Limbo?”

  1. Grace is totally right – Our dogs need a place to run and adults with health problems need an accessible place to take our dogs. Please…please get our dog park opened!

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