Brigantine Elections Won by less than 150 Votes

By STEVEN LEMONGELLO, Staff Writer   2010

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Mayor (vote for one) 100% reporting

No Democratic nomination made

X Philip J. Guenther (R) 2,003 98.7%


Council-at-large (vote for two) 100% reporting

X Frank Kern (D) 1,496 23.6%

X Dominic “Tony” Pullella (D) 1,751 27.7%

John J. Murray (R) 1,439 22.7%

April “Sue” Schilling (R) 1,322 20.9%

Douglas Keefe (I) 325 5%


In what Democratic Councilman Tony Pullella called an “unprecedented” victory, he and running mate Frank Kern defeated incumbent Republican council members Sue Schilling and John Murray – with a combined 27 years on the council between them – for two at-large seats on Brigantine City Council.

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Pullella and Kern received 1,751 and 1,496 votes to Murray and Schilling’s 1,439 and 1,322 votes, respectively. Murray conceded Tuesday, saying he couldn’t make up the votes between himself and Kern

When a Democratic replacement is named to Pullella’s soon-to-be vacant 4th Ward seat, three Democrats will sit on the city’s six-person council. The council would be split 3-3, with Republicans maintaining control due to Mayor Phil Guenther’s unopposed victory.

“I think the people of Brigantine sent the Republican party a message tonight,” Pullella said. “They sent a message to 110 years of rule of Republican politicians. They wanted balance, challenges, disclosure, debate and transparency, all the things I (first) ran on two years ago.”

Kern sounded a similar note, saying that “I hope to fulfill all of the pledges of transparency, fiscal responsibility, and fair and equal government for all the people of Brigantine. I think that Brigantine will no longer be a one-party town.”

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