Brigantine Elks Lodge News – JAN 11, 2013

Brigantine Elks Lodge
Brigantine Elks Lodge

With the start of a new calendar year, that means the start of the new Lodge year is less than three months away.

As you may or may not know, the Lodge year runs from April 1 to March 31. Why is that, you ask? Well, April 1 is only a week away from the first day of spring. With the coming of spring, nature awakens and brings new life. So, too, with the Elks. A new Lodge year is born and ushers in new officers – and hopefully, a new intact Lodge.

You notice I mentioned new Lodge officers. Yes, nominations are less than a month away on Tuesday, Feb. 12. To refresh your memories, up for grabs are the positions of Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight, Lecturing Knight, Secretary, Treasurer, Tiler and 5 Year Trustee. What about Chaplain, Inner Guard and Esquire, you ask? They are appointed by the incoming Exalted Ruler.

Elections will be held (if necessary) on Tuesday, Feb. 26. I say ‘if necessary,’ because if only one person is nominated for a position, that’s that for that office and the Secretary casts his unanimous ballot to elect that person.

Okay? If you are considering taking on an office, let your feelings be known to Exalted Ruler Richard Poole before Feb. 12. Please give this some serious thought. We need a strong slate of officers to lead in the completion of the Lodge restoration.

Even if you don’t wish to hold an office, how about a committee chairmanship? For a complete list of committees, check the bulletin board in the lounge by the door, or go to our website at Again, let the ER know your intentions. Thanks.



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