Brigantine Elks Ready for Summer 2013

The Brigantine Elks are busy with their awe-inspiring, repair and rebuild. The main hall is already done and it looks spectacular. The new floating docks have been installed and they’re ready for some serious summertime boating. The bulkhead has been beefed up and it’s ready to protect and serve.

Now, the final phase is in motion. The outer bar is being totally rebuilt. Check out the progress here:

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Elks Ready for Summer 2013”

  1. 32 year resident

    Congrats let’s just hope there are people still left on the island who can enjoy the new beauty that awaits the elks. Kudos to all who worked feverishly to get the elks back up and running. Haha Sandy can’t keep good people down.

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