Brigantine News: Entertainment Capital of South Jersey. Sorta.

Brigantine News ! Margaritaville in Atlantic City
Here Comes Jimmy Buffet

Some in Brigantine want you believe that we’re a boring little town with nothing but beaches. For some reason, our Brigantine Chamber & pseudo-tourism board wants to keep our 2 minute drive to the entertainment capital of the mid-Atlantic a secret. Too bad this Internet thing came along, huh?

The crazy fun of Atlantic City is in our backyard. Many jet ski across the inlet for lunch at Gardners Basin and the THE DECK at Golden Nugget. And we can’t wait for the new Margaritaville.

BrigantineNOW is happy to share the news, and tell the world about Brigantine Beach.

The sand, the beautiful homes, the friendly people….all right next door to AC, baby!

We know the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce is a little under the weather, but that’s OK. This Inter-Web thing might just be what the doctor ordered to tell the world about Briggy Beach.

5 minutes from Brigantine…

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville debuts MAY 2013…RESORTS Casino.  WATCH VIDEO.

“The Margaritaville project at Resorts is an amazing step forward for Atlantic City,” said Morris Bailey, owner of Resorts Casino Hotel. “Our investment coupled with the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville brand is a huge coup for Atlantic City”

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine News: Entertainment Capital of South Jersey. Sorta.”

  1. We are so slow to spend some money and tell everyone about Brigantine…how about people that don’t want all the traffic etc that other resorts have etc

    1. Thx for feedback Bob!
      Yes, some people hate the additional traffic. But it really only gets a bit crazy on the big, holiday weekends in the Summer….right?
      We are thankful for that traffic. It brings $$ to the island. We HATE seeing empty store-fronts. 🙂
      As time goes by…that small handful of grumpy old-schoolers that continue to bash 2nd home owners, shoobies, and so-called FOOTS……will be nothing but a memory.
      AGREED! Brigantine needs to attract full-timers back to the island….as well as vacationers.
      Can the Chamber get the job done?

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