Brigantine Farmers Market Under Political Control

Mayor Guenther is doing exactly what we predicted. He is pushing through law… that will essentially gut the Greenteam and hurt the Brigantine Farmers Market.

Why does Guenther want control of the Brigantine Farmers Market?

The 26+ year Mayor hates that Farmers Market founder; Lisa McClay, gets most of the credit for this RARE Brigantine event success.

Guenther also wants FULL CONTROL of which vendors get to sell at the market.
FACT: Guenther & Simpson will push out certain vendors, in order to place their ‘insider’ buddies in those valuable / rare spots….even if the local retailer offers a product of inferior value. ( example: Mad Dog Morgan )

Side Note: We know most residents consider Councilperson Bew a nice….but useless seat-warmer…..We appreciate her shout-out though.

The Mayor.. Phil Guenther…. says Council will use the FEB 1 meeting minutes from City Clerk to work from….in order to fix the so-called TYPO in the Farmers Market ordinance. These minutes are ALWAYS inaccurate.

Green Team’s Cheryl Mascioli made a huge error tonight. She drank the Guenther kool-aid. She will regret it. Just like Lisa McClay.

Watch how many awesome Brigantine market vendors leave Brig…..and take their products to Farmers Markets in Margate, Longport…and the NEW, MASSIVE one in Ventnor, coming Summer 2017.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Farmers Market Under Political Control”

  1. first year law student

    Where is the city attorney. It is illegal to change the text of a measure after it has been voted on. Let Guenther and all who voted for this ordinance explain their actions to the judge.

    1. Its Brigantine,the cops make the laws an there own rules as they go .I also must add that Jim Bennet is an amazing person an hopefully with him in charge as the chief of police that things will change for the better.unfortunately one man can’t change a whole town that’s just on a do what they want basis but maybe can help set the path .

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