Brigantine Fire Chief Warns of Dune Fire Dangers. Handful of Residents Responsible for Protecting Island.

Dangerous Brigantine Dune Fires

The Brigantine Fire Chief, Tiger Platt, agrees with Mayor Andy ‘Simp’ Simpson. Dune fires are a real threat to the island and it’s inhabitants. Councilmen Sera and Rierden agree.

Good thing a small handful of beachfront residents are paying $300 bucks a pop, to do their part in saving lives and property on Brigantine Island.

Brigantine City Council Video

Even though dune fires are incredibly rare and quickly contained ( according to long term residents ), this has been determined to be the key reason why the city is selling permits that allow residents to hack, cut, stump and whack at the public dune system…..that just so happens to be blocking their water view.

Interesting to note that Stu Farrell of the Stockton Coastal Research Center has blessed this activity. Of course, Mr. Farrell is well paid to be agreeable with those who pay him for his so-called expertise.

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