Brigantine Fire Department: 2 Minute Response Time

Brigantine Fire DepartmentThe Brigantine Fire Department clocked a 2 minute response time for a Beach Ave. fire on Tuesday, Dec. 17. The fire displaced four residents and caused an approximately $10,000 in damage.

Residents of the front apartment at 902 E. Beach Ave. reported smoke coming from a kitchen electrical panel. Firefighters arrived at 6:59 p.m., two minutes after receiving the call, and found all the occupants had evacuated the house.

When firefighters investigated the smoke, which was coming more heavily from the panel, and opened the walls around it, they found flames behind the wallboard.

Because of the proximity to the live electrical panel, the fire crew was unable to use water, instead dousing the flames with dry chemical fire extinguishers. After 15 minutes, firefighters reported the fire under control, and began to ventilate smoke from the house and check for any additional hidden fires using a thermal imaging camera.

Shortly after the fire was out, a crew from Atlantic City Electric arrived and shut off electrical service to the building.

The majority of the damage was confined to an outside wall of the kitchen, and no injuries were reported. The displaced residents, three adults and a 4-month-old infant, are staying with family.

A preliminary investigation indicated the fire was likely caused by multiple electrical wiring issues, but is still being investigated.

The Engine 3 crew, Truck 1 and BLS Rescue 2 under the command of Capt. Thomas Bordonaro responded to the fire.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Fire Department: 2 Minute Response Time”

  1. Why is there any question on keeping manpower where it belongs? I guess until it hits close to home the city administration just won’t get it. Great job to the fire department. Brigantine should be glad and proud to have them!

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