Brigantine Fire Department Scare Tactics?

Tige Platt from Absecon, NJ says: “Currently the fire department is looking at the staffing shortage of 20% since our retirements and the passing away of our late chief”.  Mr Platt is also President of the Brigantine Professional Fire Fighters and he is a FD captain. His 2013 salary was over $129,084.

Mr. Platt certainly knows how to scare. He’s quite good at subtle intimidation too. Read this article in the Press of Atlantic City.

“With the decrease in manpower going down we are not going to be able to do interior firefighting,” said Platt. “Which means we are going to need to pull up to the structure and put water on the building from the outside. We can’t do a search and rescue, and God forbid someone is in there and we don’t know. That could be the difference between life and death.”

That’s why first responder Tiger Platt is asking the community to step in and help.


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