Brigantine Firefighters Contract 2014 – 2017

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Here’s the latest Brigantine Firefighters Contract. It’s valid from Jan 1, 2014 thru Dec 31, 2017. Almost 18 months of negotiating went into this document that was eventually signed on Oct. 15, 2015.

After reading it, we can see why it was kept under wraps for so long. It’s a virtual blank check for this public union of Brigantine Firefighters. It’s the #1 reason why Brigantine is a taxpayer’s nightmare. It’s as if City Manager Ed Stinson, an engineer by trade, signed this thing in the dark.

Maybe Brig Firefighter captain / union president; Tiger Platt had Stinson in a choke hold.

No rational city manager would ever sign a contract like this. Especially when Atlantic County is tops in foreclosure rates. Especially when many in Brigantine are still reeling from Hurricane Sandy and Casino closures. You really need to read the new Brigantine Firefighters contract.

No one gets a deal like this, in times like these. Ever.

Did you know? Many on Brigantine City Council didn’t even see the proposed Firefighters contract, in it’s entirety, when it was voted on. They were only given one sheet of paper with a brief summary of agreement. But oddly, they did vote on the entire contract. Something that many on Council didn’t even read. Brigantine Greenhead Politics at it’s finest.

The Brigantine public was not permitted to review the terms before the vote.

18 months of stone-walling by Brigantine Union Chief; Tiger Platt of Absecon, New Jersey.

Even after the fact, Brigantine elected leaders (both parties) did not share or post these documents. The local newspapers also had no interest in publishing this very rich, economy-killing, public union agreement either.

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Brigantine Firefighters Contract 2014-2017

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  1. It is a very lucrative contract,especially when so many people in this area are losing their benefits or even their jobs…

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