Brigantine Fishing Report from Babu Charters

Brigantine Fishing ChartersJuly 23: I took the granddaughters and their two cousins fluke fishing yesterday for about 90 minutes. They only caught shorts, but had a great time doing it. If they would only let their baits in the water longer they would catch even more, but catching 8 fluke along with 3 sand sharks made them happy. Of course catching the small sharks made them the happiest. You would have thought we caught jaws.

Brigantine FishingJuly 22: I had Tom and Pat out for 4 hours this morning. We went to the ICW behind AC again, and caught 16 shorts and one 19 incher along with 8 sand shark, and 4 sea bass. With only two customers on the boat they were okay with me fishing, and I enjoyed fishing with them.

I hooked the keeper and should have handed the rod off, but they wouldn’t take it. It’s the first keeper fish I’ve gotten to reel-in in several weeks. Silverside was the best bait this morning, and the fish were swimming a little deeper than they were yesterday. Most were in about 14 feet of water.

Brigantine Fishing Fun: Summer 2014

Brigantine FishingJULY 21: It was catchin’ not fishing today. Pictured is Gary with his 19 inch fluke caught behind AC on the ICW using minnows in 11 feet of water. We caught 60 other fluke, 20 sand shark, 8 sea bass, and 3 sea robins.

I fished with a mate today which allowed us to get fish off the hooks, rebait, and get back in quickly.

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