Brigantine Flood Insurance Shocker

From a recent Press of Atlantic City story: Some Brigantine homeowners are getting hit with substantial, flood insurance increases. Watch this YouTube video, and read more here

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Flood Insurance Shocker”

  1. Happy New Brigantine Resident

    The insurance rates are out of control, this is now the time for homeowners to again suffer and have to pay back the money to the BIG insurance companies from Sandy and other BIG storms across the US. People pay their insurance year after year and the insurance companies bank that money, when there are no claims they aren’t paying the money back out. Now people are still trying to recover and lets hit them high and hard. I just bought a home in Brigantine, and have to say before Sandy the homeowner showed me he was paying $600 per year, I got my flood insurance quote now after Sandy, and it’s $4100 per year. Also on a side note because of all the complaints about our super high taxes, listen my family and I looked all over Atlantic County and decided to choose Brigantine because their taxes are one of the LOWEST in the county. And for all we get with our taxes, I will gladly pay it and know my family is safe everyday and night.

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