Brigantine Fox Population Decimated by DEP Predator Management Team.

The NJ DEP is killing our Brigantine foxes. An inhumane practice. DEP calls it ‘Predator Management.’

Listen: FOX Kill Talk

Petition is being circulated. Stop DEP from their inhumane treatment of animals. Some are taking matters into their own hands. They face fines and potential jail time.

NJ Dep Director: We can do anything to protect the piping plovers in Brigantine.

Decisions about Brigantine being made right now. Our island. We have no voice or say in this matter.

Councilman Sera: DEP wanted to shut the COVE down.

For past two years, Mayor Phil Guenther made critical errors with DJ DEP negotiations. Guenther no longer had protection from Republican Governor Chris Christie.

Previous actions from Mayor Guenther ‘digging in and fighting’ with DEP did not work. Guenther not well liked in Trenton.

Guenther is a longshot in his bid for a NJ Assembly seat.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Fox Population Decimated by DEP Predator Management Team.”

  1. Robert w Van Meter

    Brigantine politics is a mess. Are there any studies that attempt to explain why real estate values in Brigantine are about 1/3 of the value of comparables in Avalon and Stone Harbor, for example?

    My hunch is that it lies in the political leadership. So many bad decisions.

    1. Have you seen the houses in Avalon and stone harbor? Also Brigantine population = 8,963, Avalon = 1,267 and Stone harbor = 822. Maybe that is why values are so different?

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