Brigantine Fumbles Ice Cream on Beach. Again.

What? No ice cream?  Geez.  Brigantine has the best beaches, the cleanest water, the nicest people, great values and the best location. But when it comes to retail, tourism attractions, and new business development, Brigantine City Council and the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce consistently drop the ball. Even with something as simple as ice cream. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO.

On Wed night, July 16, Council and the city manager provided another example of why so many empty store fronts litter our beautiful island.

How did Brigantine get this way? Past administrations were too successful at eradicating every last motel. This slashing of tourist attractions depressed visits from summertime day-trippers & weekend warriors. We also made it tough for marinas, bait shops and summertime destinations to survive. The city website leaves much to be desired, giving potential visitors a less than attractive representation of Brigantine Beach.

Is anyone at City Hall paying attention to the still struggling, Brigantine business community? Have ya seen OC, Margate, Sea Isle, Stone Harbor? They’re mobbed. But for some reason, Brigantine leadership prefers to lay back and still blame ‘the economy’.

As seen on the IceCreamVets.Com website, from City Manager Blumenthal:

“I am also committed to doubling and re-doubling our city’s efforts to attract new business and development, and to expand our programs aimed at boosting tourism.
As a firm believer in a strong constituent service program, I urge you to contact me directly if there is a problem that needs to be addressed. I guarantee you that, if there is a solution we will find it.” —Jennifer Blumenthal, City Manager

A few bright spots are emerging  within the Brigantine economy. One is the the spectacular success of the Brigantine Farmers Market. Lisa McClay and her Green Team spearheaded this weekly ‘must visit’ event without any input from the Brigantine Chamber of Commerce . Maybe that’s why it’s so successful? The City provided space, public safety & clean-up support.

Brigantine needs to attract more entrepreneurs like Richmans Ice Cream, Yianni’s Cafe, Bella Luna, Villano Builders, AC Surf School, and Lacey Cleaning.

Scaring away the little ice cream man sends the wrong signal.

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