Brigantine Garden Club Fall Update

If you have any news about members such as this, please call our voicemail at 609-266-3685 and leave me a message. I will only know about it if you or someone tells me about it.

The board had a very long meeting on Oct. 17 planning a recommended budget and brainstorming ideas for next season. We discussed all of the recommendations made by members at the last meeting. If you have something more to add, please email the board at We love hearing from you.

Our Butterfly Initiative was successful thanks to all of you who participated by planting milkweed. Some people even helped the butterflies by taking in the caterpillars and releasing them when they changed to butterflies. We have word that 95 butterflies have been released so far. Your milkweed plants should survive the winter and return again next year.

Have you noticed that honeybees have been scarce this summer? Without these little pollinators, our flowers and vegetables will not thrive. Next year we would like to have a Bee Initiative similar to the butterfly one. We want to learn all we can about bees to encourage them to visit our gardens.

Donations are always welcome. Send to P.O. Box 53, Brigantine, NJ 08203. If you would like to order a leaf for our memorial tree located in the library, send an application with $50 to that same address. Visit us on Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who helps to make Brigantine a spectacular place alive with beautiful flowers and shrubs.


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