Break-in Caught on Video. Why No Brigantine Police Report?

Break-in at Brigantine Gas Station

See Video > The gas station and auto repair shop at the Brigantine Lighthouse Circle was burglarized (again) on Tuesday night, Nov. 24 at approx 10:30 pm.

The video security system inside the office recorded the burglar as he searched through desk drawers, file cabinets and any spot that might have been holding cash or other valuables. The break-in occurred while the auto shop / gas station was closed. The sound you hear on the clip below is from garage operations the next day…as this security footage of the break-in….was recorded using a cell phone.

The suspect kicked in the front door to gain entry.

According to citizen reports, Brigantine Police may have already identified the suspect.

We expected details of this incident to be reported by Brigantine Police Chief Reed, but that has not yet happened. Part-time residents are advised to place special emphasis on their Brigantine home as the off-season increases chance for petty break-ins and theft.

Status Update: Details on this and other Brigantine crimes are no longer posted for public view via a ‘Police Blotter’. Citizens will need to request this info via a Brigantine OPRA request.

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3 thoughts on “Break-in Caught on Video. Why No Brigantine Police Report?”

  1. They identified and arrested the guy in less then 3 days. What more could you possibly want from the police. They did an excellent job in catching the suspect and you still complain makes total sense.

    1. residents would be happy to hear that. why didn’t PD share that good news with general public? police blotter has been shut down. thx.

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