Brigantine Gets Smaller V Zones from FEMA?

From The Beachcomber News….. Homeowners will likely see smaller “V” or velocity zone on updated FEMA flood plans. The announcement is good news for many Brigantine residents in the golf course area.

Many in unaffected areas have peppered city officials with questions that could not be answered. “Why are we included when we suffered no damage [from Sandy]?”

The state adopted an executive order by Gov. Christie in January in order to give homeowners clear direction on rebuilding. It may have been executed with the best intentions, but the state appears to be backing down in face of organized objections by homeowners and municipalities.

Those who have homes that were affected by Sandy are trying to determine if they need to raise their homes, and if so, how high. Until the new FEMA Base Flood Elevations are approved (a process that could run into 2014), many are waiting before beginning work.

Brigantine city officials agree on postponing major house-raising or reconstruction decisions, noting that the elevations and “V” zone designations are still likely to be modified.

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