Brigantine Golf Links Deal with Atlantic County, ACIA

See Links Contract > The Links at Brigantine Golf is better managed by the Atlantic County Improvement Authority, not the golf industry expert: Ron Jaworski Golf. That’s what Brigantine taxpayers learned as the contract between Brigantine & the ACIA was made available recently. See CONTRACT Below >.

Also note: According to Jim Fraser, ‘Mad Dog Morgan’ recently pulled back his application for access to the concessionaire permit which would allow a vendor to serve alchohol at the Links Clubhouse. The lone bidder in Dec of 2015; Mad Dog Morgan, recently learned that his City award of The Links Food & Bev contract was invalid/illegal. City Clerk Sweeney did not follow proper, legal procedure for posting the Links RFP ( Request for Proposal ).

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6 thoughts on “Brigantine Golf Links Deal with Atlantic County, ACIA”

  1. Why would anyone want to open a business in a town as corrupt as Brigantine.?

    One wonders why the NJ Office of State Comptroller does not do an audit.of the golf course for past few years.

    I thought I read it right it earlier discussions, Brigantine taxpayers are paying for 12 retired police and fire chiefs and we give $1000 annually to all retired police and their spouses for dental. We could be paying for thirty years or more….Anyone else get that benefit. Answer NO…

    Bob Murphy


    1. I think each and every Brigantine Municipal Welfare recipient including council members should get the $1000 perpetual dental benefit given the toll their teeth have taken all these years from lying thru them. Obviously you’ve never had a glitch stuck in your tooth!
      I don’t think the spouses should receive the same benefit.

  2. All BASHING as usual with no positive ideas…typical negative press. Let’s clear a few things up:

    1. Jaws, yea he is a football guy…just bc his name is on Jaworski golf, just as Trump is on a few golf courses, DOES NOT mean he is quality…or a lock choice for that matter.

    2. Mad Dog’s is not to blame for the city council not following proper procedures…just bc they were the only walkthrough, on a monsoon of a day last year fyi, is not their fault. They did what they were told and now everyone knows their bid, in addition to the fact that now a F&B contract will not be awarded to ANYONE until at least mid May at the earliest now…aka a vacant wasteland will sit there for two months…

    3. When did Jim Fraser become the expert voice of how to manage a course?

    4. ACIA is a cheap, effective, strictly run management group that already trimmed fat day 1 off payroll, and cleaned up the books to make the course run as optimally efficient as possible.

    1. If one listened to the interview that Mr. Taylor did with me, it was apparent that I was respectful to all and answered his questions honestly according to what I have learned in over 50 years in the golf business in south jersey and in other parts of the country..If the citizens of Brigantine really want what is best for the golf course, they should be pleased that bidding on the food and beverage concession is an open process which could lead to the taxpayers being relieved of part of financial burden they will experience over the next few years.

      My position has been on the record for years. Government should not compete with private enterprises. Specifically, in the case of municipal golf courses, they pay no taxes, can borrow at will because the full faith and credit of the taxpayers will pay any shortfalls., and unlike the private business man or woman, the politicians have no real skin in the game.

      Speaking truth to power is uncomfortable, but I have always tried to be respectful.

    2. The negative information that you refer to is the information that this website provides, the same information that the city and its public servants try to keep under wraps. How can the public contribute “positive ideas” when they aren’t presented with all of the facts, only getting what trickles out on this website?
      Its disingenuous at best to equate Jaws hands on involvement in golf course management to Trump receiving royalties for placing his name on a building. Its interesting thou that you would use that timely opportunistic comparison.
      You’re actually trying to say that Morgan is a innocent bystander in the “procedural notification error” process? That Morgan did NOT ask for or know that he was anointed Golf Course Hospitality Czar? Just like he didn’t know about all the procedural errors with regard to the Water Weenie, Just like he didn’t know about the cute little parking spaces designed to his specs across conveniently placed in front of his restaurant. I could go on about the acquisition of that restaurant but Ill spare the sordid details.
      Your question about Jim Fraser can be asked directly to and about each and every council member….next question.
      COME ON MAN!

      1. When I say negative information, this is what I mean: instead of playing this the way partylines do, which is Repubs says Dems are wrong and bad, and vice versa, how about we say what SHOULD be done. Do I agree that there are shenanigans within city hall?…ABSOLUTELY! Let me clarify, there are a lot of shortcomings in this council. However, it is important we cover both avenues. Could Mike Morgan have gotten the benefit of certain things? Perhaps, I cannot speak on that behalf because without PROOF it is all hearsay. I do ask this one question, if someone came to you with a proposition and you saw an opportunity, are you going to say ‘now make sure all legal avenues are covered from your end so there is no recourse. No, you would say holy cow, great opportunity as far as I can see, let’s go for it. Why would you say that? BECAUSE GOVERNMENT wouldnt be your responsibility, simply following the rules laid out in front of you would be your responsibility. Is it Morgan’s fault that city hall didn’t post it in the papers? NO. Is the supposed rumor that Delucry recommended not posting it in papers to save money and the Republicans quickly agreeing without researching what proper procedure is Mike Morgan’s fault? No. Is it fair that three local businesses who got emails from Chamber of Commerce the first time the RFP went out late last fall, because theyre members, and decided not to come to the walkthrough or put a bid in, and now that they know what Morgan’s offer was, can now get a free re-bid knowing the competition’s offer????? NO! So if you want to throw dirt, throw it both ways. I don’t know anything about any parking across from their business, but I do know that being able to see someone’s hand in poker while playing a live hand is called cheating. And from my view, Morgan’s is being cheated out of a business they bid on fair and square. Should it maybe go back out to bid in two years properly? Yes. But to place their bid, have it accepted, go through half the work to get up and running, and then have the rug pulled out from under them, well that falls on city hall’s problem to deal with, not the business owner’s.
        As far as Jaws is concerned, stop watching so much ESPN and realize he is a businessman…aka he doesn’t ultimately care about Brig, he cares about his pockets. I am not saying he is a bad guy, but because he gobbled up a few local courses, dropped prices and runs a bare bones staff, does not mean he is some ‘savior’…and I am an Eagles fan by the way. It just means he knows how to turn a profit for HIS company. I would hardly say he made any courses outstanding, he just cut costs…which is what the ACIA is doing, but with quality the main priority. Why is the ACIA such a bad avenue? Because the Polish Rifle is not associated with them? I say to you, sticking with the NFL theme, COME ON MAN!

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