Brigantine Green Team Looking for Volunteers

Brigantine Green TeamThe Brigantine Green Team is looking for volunteers to help plant 100 beach plum seedlings at designated dune areas on Saturday, December 6 from 10 – noon (Rain date is Sunday, December 7th from 1 – 3).

Anyone interested is encouraged to come out and take part in the planting. Volunteers should bring gloves and meet at the 17th Street & Ocean Avenue public parking lot where they will receive planting instructions and divide into groups.

This planting is part of the Green Team’s beach restoration and dune stabilization efforts. This is the second round of beach plum planting on the dunes, the first round took place in April, and seedlings were planted at 9th Street North, Roosevelt Boulevard, and 4th and 5th Street South beach areas. Green Team members have been monitoring the growth and to date, the results have been better than expected (as usually, only 50% of seedlings survive).

As with the first round of planting, Jalma George from Jalma Farms in Cape May County, donated the seedlings and her time and planting expertise. The plan is to continue this dune restoration each Spring and Fall until we have built up the dunes and established the trees.

Beach plums are native plants whose environment is characterized by low-nutrient and low-water-holding soil, high winds, blowing sand, unstable substrate and high salt levels. The excellent conservation and erosion-control beach plum can grow in poor soil, persevering in a seemingly hostile environment while providing dune stabilization for a sensitive eco-system.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Green Team Looking for Volunteers”

  1. Too bad they didn’t have this event before the election. They wouldn’t have needed any volunteers. Just set up a couple of cameras and Andy, Phil and little Phil would have been right there, up to their elbows in soil.

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