Brigantine Happy with New FEMA Flood Maps

Brigantine homeowners breathed a huge sigh of relief this week. FEMA’s updated flood maps were just released. In the original FEMA maps released after Hurricane Sandy, about 2,700 homes were designated to be in high risk, flooding areas. Today, that number is down to about 50 homes.

This should make flood insurance in Brigantine more affordable, and make raising a home much less expensive. (homes don’t have to be raised so high)

According to KYW Newsradio report, there were some people ready to walk away from their houses. Instead of a $70,000 house lift, all that may be needed is a $30,000 lift. Some may still have to raise her home, but onto blocks, not stilts.

In the new maps, FEMA reduced the highest risk flood areas in Atlantic County by 80%, in Ocean County by 45%, and in Monmouth County by 46%.

New Jersey would like to see NJ homeowners build one foot above FEMA standards for additional protection. FEMA says the higher a home is built, the less insurance will cost.

Full KYW story here.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Happy with New FEMA Flood Maps”

  1. Why are the areas that Sandy crushed at the north end of the Island not rated as V? Can’t FEMA learn some lessons from the Storm?

    1. Bob ,We live on the bay side at the north end of the island and we had NO damage at all. Not all house’s were crushed, as you speak of. Please don’t say things that would hurt other peoples pockets, especially if you aren’t informed properly.

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