Brigantine Hero: Lynn Sweeney

Sweeney really helped at a trying time…..FROM SUSAN AND PETER VAN NEST.

Hard to believe it’s spring, and for many residents Hurricane Sandy’s destruction seems like it happened yesterday. The city has done a heroic effort in getting us back to normal. However, dealing with losses and insurance has been a nightmare for my family along with many others. Just when we felt we would go crazy knowing who to contact about problems, local citizens have given of their precious time and energy for us.

Specifically, we would like to give a huge thank you & appreciation to Lynn Sweeney. From day one she has gone above and beyond in helping her community. She is a moving force with BrigStrong group. From the start, she has been instrumental in getting individuals who needed specific help with cleanup, getting materials needed, getting those in need with those that could help.

If she did not know an answer to something requested, she got right to it and back to you in 24 hours. She even spent her evenings calling individuals like us, to remind us of different opportunities available.

She really deserves the city’s recognition for her wonderful work. So next time you see Lynn give her a big “Thank You” for being such a generous and caring individual. She has certainly made this trial a little lighter for us!

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3 thoughts on “Brigantine Hero: Lynn Sweeney”

  1. Lynn Sweeny is a Brigantine asset. She always is quick to respond. I believe her good work ethic is something to cultivate in our culture. Thanks Lynn for a job well done.

  2. There are angels amongst us…Lynn Sweeny is one of them! Thank you Lynn,for holding us up when we couldn’t help ourselves…You are a treasure…Laurel & Bill Haeser

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