Brigantine – Highest Cost Per Student in Atlantic County Resulting in Low Grades

Are Brigantine schools great ? The President of the Brigantine Taxpayers Association doesn’t think so.

Based on recent test scores from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College & Careers, or PARCC, it’s clear that many Brigantine students are not learning the fundamentals, says BTA President Anne H. Phillips.

Barely 50% of Brigantine students met grade expectations.

Brigantine has highest cost per student in Atlantic County.

What does the Brigantine school superintendent think? “Our schools use state assessments test results as one metric in determining the progress of our schools. As always, we are Brigantine, and we are proud of our students and our schools.”

However well-intentioned , this leads parents to think their kids are doing well, when many aren’t learning what they need to know.

The median salary for Brigantine teachers increased from $82,000 to $84,000 in 2016.

The February Brigantine Board of Education meeting was disappointing. It offered no coherent explanation for why Brigantine has the highest administrative costs per student in Atlantic County.

NOTE: Brigantine Mayor Phil Guenther appoints the School Board

The tone of the board members is dismissive and unresponsive to the public. They are way behind the times in transparency and respect for the concerns of the people they represent and serve.

Brigantine Taxpayers Association

Anne H. Phillips, President

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1 thought on “Brigantine – Highest Cost Per Student in Atlantic County Resulting in Low Grades”

  1. Amazed but not surprised

    As usual, Ms Phillips is spot on. The real shame is that the Brigantine power brokers, Guenther and his ilk are willing to put their own interests first, (friends and relatives on the public dole, excessive salaries, unneeded administrative positions, no accountability, bonding for capital improvements that should be maintenance lines in the budget etc.) at the expense of the children and parents who don’t have a say. School enrollment continues to decline, yet there is no move to consolidate schools or administration. Two principals and a superintendent in a 600 student school district? Get real. For a superintendent to dismiss a 50% PARC score as “just one metric”?? Shame on you!! What will it take to wake this town up?

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