Brigantine Hires Medical Director

Brigantine Fire Department
Dr. Ken Lavelle

According to the Beachcomber newspaper, Brigantine Fire Chief / Real Estate agent; Alan Weidner, recently announced the appointment of Dr. Ken Lavelle as Medical Director for the Brigantine Fire and EMS Department.

This announcement came as a surprise to many on the island: the Medical Director position was never publicly discussed by council or city management. Details on Dr. Lavelle’s compensation package should be forthcoming.

Dr. Lavelle is well known for his work with Narcan, which counteracts the effects of heroin and other opioids. This gives first responders valuable time to get overdose victims potentially life-saving care. Read More at

ALSO: The three part-time fire-fighter positions currently in academy training could become full-time positions sometime later in 2015 if Mayor Guenther can push that through. Democrat council; McClay, Delucry & Piccardi may join hands with their Republican colleagues and could be OK with those additional full-time hires.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Hires Medical Director”

  1. Beachcomber headline says – Fire Dept appoints NEW medical director – So, who the hell was the old medical director?$? ahh, the Brig RINO’s are back in charge and they know how to spend OPM. Just wait until the new contracts are quickly & quietly signed with NO transparency to the taxpayer.

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