Brigantine Historical Museum Considers Move

The Brigantine Historical Museum needs more parking. That’s what Museum director; Andy Solari says in the latest Brigantine Times newspaper. “We were really banking on the city buying the Gulf Station property through grant money to expand and give us permanent parking”.

Less parking means fewer visitors…and less donations. The loss of parking at the old Gulf Station became a reality when local builder; Mike Snyder, bought the land. Snyder says he would consider working something out with the city.

Brigantine is discussing the benefits of relocating the museum to the vacant Brigantine Civic Center at 31st street.

The Brigantine Museum depends on donations from visitors. At this time, there’s still no way to donate via the Internet. The museum has a large collection of 19th and 20th century photographs and artifacts. This place is truly awesome. It’s one of Brigantine’s many hidden treasures. Most people drive right past it every day, with no idea of what’s housed inside that building across from the Lighthouse. Limited marketing and Internet presence has certainly contributed to the poor awareness….of this outstanding collection of Brigantine artifacts.

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1 thought on “Brigantine Historical Museum Considers Move”

  1. Bad Move.. Move the Brigantine Historical Museum to the Community Center..That the SMART thing to do .. No Big Bills, No over-head and ALOT of Parking..And a FULL TIME Staff that could run TOURS .. Consolidate properties .. If the Museum can’t function on its own by 1. buying the property 2. paying the mortgage than don’t allow the move. It’s only open weekends.. After moving them to the Community Center .. Sell the properties..Take care of what you have… Stop the thinking of buying the gulf property.. It’s really getting old..

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