Brigantine History. The Storm of 1962

There’s a Brigantine film documentary of the storm of 1962. Click thru for excellent pics. It was sold on VHS about 20 years ago by the Brigantine Residents Association. From what we understand, you can only see it by visiting the Brigantine Historical Museum. Bummer. You can’t buy it or rent it. Geez.

It’s a shame more people can’t see it. We hear that it’s SUPER. It features prominent island folks from back in the day… Fritz Haneman, Police Chief George Moore (excellent police chief), and Mrs. Anne Phillips. Why the heck don’t we SHARE this film with everyone? Anyone have a copy?

We bet there’s a lot of folks who would graciously buy a DIGITAL copy of this piece of Brigantine History. Why keep it hidden inside the museum?

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  1. I’m wondering where the Tax Payers Assoc. is with this tax rate increase voted in by the council?? The assoc. has been quite vocal in the past, especially Anne Phillips, when it came to any tax increase. I sure hope that was not all Party Politics!!

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