Brigantine Homeowner: Question of the Week.

I’m a second home owner for a number of years. My house sustained (definition by city) substantial damage. Brigantine will not approve any permits needed to repair house til it’s lifted to city’s recommend base flood elevation of 13.3 feet. (4 foot lift)

The house won’t lift… without encountering significant damage caused by lift. We see only alternative – have house demolished and rebuilt.

The problems – insurance money isn’t enough to cover rebuild, federal money that state received only helps primary residents, I’m not eligible for SBA loan because I’m not permanent resident. I can’t get loan on house because of condition.

Is there any help out there…or do I just have to walk away? Can’t believe there isn’t an agency to help me with this.

Any thoughts or suggestions as to where or what I need to do to get help…. would be most appreciated.

Ron DiPinto

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5 thoughts on “Brigantine Homeowner: Question of the Week.”

  1. Dear Ron, I am sorry to hear of your plight. Are you an NJ resident? If so, perhaps contacting yuoir NJ State Reps. Otherwise, contact Federal reps. perhaps. I don’t know the specifics of your situation, so I would suggest you contact multiple “lifters”. Perhaps it can be “strengthened” for the lift? Did you SHARE on Facebook? You may find additional suggestions there?
    We were fortunate, sustaining very minimal damage. I wish the best to you.

  2. One who knows something

    Darn near every municipality and county offers a payment plan if you can’t afford to pay your taxes. Every county in PA does. I can at least speak for them. Brigantine needs to get fiscally smart and offer these plans or they will definitely go under.

    As far as your house being lifted, have you considered a modular (pre-fab) not mobile home? This is a very cost effective way to go. I know… my house is one.

    They are very sound, effective way of rebuilding.

  3. I have a similar situation. I have flood insurance. I had no flooding so no FEMA flood money. Homeowners paid part of roof & drywall damage from wind & rain but with high deductible & depreciation I am left short. FEMA denied my SBA loan because it is not my primary home. I contacted state and Federal reps, congressmen & senators and only received a prepared response about how much they did so far.
    If we all pay the same insurance & taxes, should we all not receive the same help?

    1. WOW- shocked at your issue as a 2nd home owner. It seems that FEMA is getting away easy in Brigantine, since 70% of the homes are 2nd homes. Did you contact the City for help? There were fund raisers and such…. KEEP trying the politicians…. call any number you can get your hands on…. (bees & honey style). AND yes…. WE should receive the same help- (we should be able to VOTE too- taxation without representation. POST to Facebook, perhaps some other 2nd Owners have faced the same discouraging situation and have found an answer…. Best to you in solving this so that you can enjoy your summer.

      1. Hi Ron:
        I wish I had an answer for you as I am in the same situation. I have a second home and FEMA is refusing to pay for my house buckling from the flood even when there own engineer said it was flood induced. But since the word “settlement” of the sand was used in the report, they are arguing that damage from “settlement” is excluded. Any excuse not to pay.!!

        In addition, my house was placed in the V zone and have to raise my house up to a total of 15′. I am disabled, not able to climb that many steps, and there is not enough offset, to put in a ramp, that would not be a total eye sore. I agree we are being discriminated against even though we pay as much, if not more, to the mortgage company and the city to be in Brigantine.!!

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