Brigantine Homeowners Group Wants Investigation Into Platt

Due to his well-documented violent background, Brigantine’s Troy Platt should be removed from position of President of the Brigantine Hockey League (BHL). That’s the opinion of a group called: ‘Concerned Brigantine Homeowners.’ Brigantine City Councilman, Dennis Haney (also member of BHL) will be asked to assist in doing a proper background check on Troy Platt.

Brigantine’s Troy Platt, is the brother of Brigantine Fire Chief, Tighe Platt, who lives in Absecon NJ.

BrigantineNOW reached out to Fire Chief Platt. So far, no reply.

Nobody did a background check on this guy?

The Concerned Brigantine Homeowners group told BrigantineNOW:

‘Brigantine Director of Recreation must get involved immediately. Protecting this guy will not be tolerated.’

‘Marine Mammal Stranding Center better wake up too.’

In recent past, Troy Platt of Brigantine has been charged with:


On Sept 13, 2018, Troy Platt engaged in violent behavior again: Physically assaulting a member of the BrigantineNOW news org in a local restaurant. Platt also engaged in foul language and perverted discussion while in company of teens & pre-teens inside restaurant.

During Platt’s verbal & physical assault against member of BrigantineNOW, Platt verbalized his anger and disgust at BrigantineNOW’s coverage of local news. Platt not happy with BrigantineNOW’s sharing of City Council video, meeting minutes and other City Hall editorial.

Was a proper background check performed on Platt?

Organizations like the Brigantine Hockey League (under guidance of City of Brigantine REC Dept) and the MMSC, Marine Mammal Stranding Center would provide answers to that question.

More details as they become available.

Mayor Phil Guenther and Councilman Andy Simpson have yet to comment or take action on this issue.

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2 thoughts on “Brigantine Homeowners Group Wants Investigation Into Platt”

  1. Dennis Meadowcroft

    25 years ago, I was President of a large Rec Council in Maryland for 10 years. I set policy that every coach was to have a background check. I met with the MD State Police and they agreed to do a background check for $10 each. We had 425 boys in baseball and 450 in Lacrosse. A lot of coaches. A lot of money. Each year a few coaches withdrew their names as coaches/mgrs. The State Police were overwhelmed and I had to change the policy. I was more selective after that. I let the coaches still believe we were going to do a background check- of course we couldn’t. In small Rec Councils everyone should be checked.
    Denny Meadowcroft

  2. Unable to find Comment link on current story, the one that has the emails back and forth from MMSC etc.
    Anyway, keep posting the updates. Please don’t give up. This very important story is just the tip of the iceberg of how things play out in Brigantine.

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