Brigantine & Hurricane Sandy Pictures

Devastating photos from the effects of Hurricane Sandy on Brigantine Island. Click on pics to expand.

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    1. Wish I could come and help Keith, Marie Evans and their newborn Cade in Briganine. Maries sister and I lives in Sweden, but we feel the connection to Brigantine even its far away from our home. We have been there several times and loves the place. We are thinking of everbody who got their homes destroyed!

  1. Tom and Judy Sustek 171 10th Street South

    Dont worry my most special Brigantine, I will come and rescue you and clean you up and you will be more beautiful that ever before. Tom and Judy love you.

    1. Hey Joe, I can’t speak to 38th st but I can tell you from a friend that the 33rd beach block is in pretty decent shape. Minimal damage

      1. Thanks so much for your reply, Josh…we are on 34th and haven’t gotten any info, so your answer gives us a bit of hope. Thank you!

  2. My son Jeff Marsh’s house is the third one in on the left at 438 Hackney Place. Can anyone send word or a picture ? Haven’t heard from him yet. GDelGsavanna

  3. First visited Brigantine this past June with my family and loved it. Already booked for June 2013. Our thoughts are with you- Brigantine and your wonderful people! JLH

  4. I grew up in Brigantine and survived the 1962 Storm. This looks worse. So sad to see Brigantine like this again. I’m sure it will survive and be even better!

  5. I spent every summer in the 70,s in Brigantine, worked at the castle in ’76. Ole Brigantine will be fine, her people will see to it. Be safe Ronnie and Allen, and your families.

  6. 200 South 24th Street Report:
    water stains were seen at least 2 1/2 feet above the ground on the siding. Garage at the back alley had water stains about 3 feet up the siding. Our crawl space under the house is still filled with water. Water stains reached above the “backflow” sprinkler preventer towards the front of the house, which is approximately 2 feet above the ground. Might be a total loss. Sorry for the bad news.

  7. Heard third hand that my place at 8th st south and west brig does not have water damage just some siding is gone. good luck all

  8. My parents live on Seahorse Road (townhouse development).
    I had to push them to live on Saturday.
    They have no clue as to what happened to their home.
    They called the local police department but no answer.
    Does anyone know what happened to that particular area? Any photos?
    Would anyone know who to contact to get this information?
    ANY INFORMATION is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  9. Anyone with some pics or update on the Lagoon Blvd area – Beach Cove? Have been there 38 years and cant believe we cannot get any word from the city.

  10. Any pics of bay side (west shore dr.) ? Anyone live there and can tell me how much water we got? Thanks, we can all pull through this, if we just help one another. We will come back better and stronger from this. There are many lessons to be learned from this situation. STAY STRONG !

  11. Anyone know about Roosevelt Blvd. S.? I can’t believe how much water is by the school! Our family has been coming to Brig. since 1962. It’s so hard to not know anything about our summer home… Hopefully, our friends will be able to check damage in a couple of days.

  12. I would like to help this community where we fish and spend days at the beach. When possible will bring down some cleaning supplies and clothing, anything else that may be needed?

  13. Lived in Brigantine till 1977 moved to Florida lived at 4408 Harbour Beach Blvd.
    How is that area. Did it suffer alot of damage ? Can Anyone tell me.
    Joanne & Chris Biferie

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